Can This AI Agent Build My Online Side Hustle For Me?

Get Off The Content Creation Treadmill

If you’re overwhelmed with building the content for your online side hustle, an AI Agent might just be the help you didn’t know you needed.

Struggling to manage your content creation flow? Try this free tool.

Get Ready to 10x Your Productivity

What It Is 

 Taskade AI Agents are advanced tools designed to automate routine tasks such as research, task management, and content creation, transforming your workflows with AI.

WHY it’s Amazing 

These agents not only save you significant time by automating mundane tasks but also enhance your team’s productivity by streamlining project creation, content generation, and task coordination.

This means you can focus more on creative aspects and strategic planning, leading to better content and more efficient team collaboration.


Starting and growing a content creator side hustle involves juggling many tasks, from content planning, script writing, video shoots, screen recordings, video editing, voice overs, thumbnail production, creating titles, blog post formatting, social media sharing, to team collaboration, often leading to wasted time, stress and energy doing a bunch of work that has nothing to do with our passion.


 With Taskade AI Agents, you’ll experience a new level of using the power of ChatGPT along with amazing automations and much, much more.

Every stage of your content planning, ideas, production and even social media will be more streamlined, allowing for a more stress-free work/life balance.

Then you can focus on your message.

Do you currently use any of these technologies in your workflow?

New: Taskade Internal Actions and Triggers:

  • Webhook Support: Trigger workflows based on external events

  • Project Creation: Automate the creation of new projects

  • Task Creation: Simplify task creation with automated actions

  • Comment Notifications: Automated alerts for new comments

  • Task Completion: Automated alerts when tasks are completed

  • Task Due Reminders: Automated reminders for upcoming tasks due

External Integrations, Triggers, and Actions:

  • Calendly: Streamline your scheduling and event organization

  • Google Forms: Simplify data collection from form submissions

  • Google Sheets: Manage and analyze spreadsheet data

  • Mailchimp: Enhance your email marketing campaigns

  • Slack: Integrate Slack for improved team communication

  • Twilio: Enhance communications with powerful Twilio integrations

  • Typeform: Simplify data collection from survey submissions

  • Webflow: Simplify data collection from form submissions

  • Wordpress: Automate post creation and content management

  • More coming soon…

How Custom AI Agents Can Work on Your Side Hustle

Revolutionize your workflows with Custom AI Agents.

Build and train AI agents to answer questions, generate content, streamline processes, and more, integrating seamlessly into any workflows.

Collaborate and communicate with Custom AI Agents in your projects.

Create and interact with your virtual AI team for enhanced collaboration.

Automate a Side Hustle with AI Agents

Automate your tasks, workflows, and communication with Custom AI Agents. Utilize their expert knowledge and custom prompts and AI commands for smarter and more efficient task delegation and automation.

Connect effortlessly with your favorite tools like Slack, Google Sheets, Typeform, WordPress, and more to automate various aspects of your workflows.

Discover limitless possibilities!

What would happen if Taskade AI Agents could save you hours every day on routine tasks so you could focus on the things that matter?

Free Personal Plan

  • Begin your AI automation journey with our range of pre-made Automation Workflows, designed for your convenience.

  • Collaborate and communicate with Custom AI Agents in your projects. Create and interact with your virtual AI team for enhanced collaboration. Learn more.

Lowest Cost/Highest Value Assistant EVER

Taskade AI Agents and Automations are designed to make your content creator business more efficient and productive.

It might take hours every day to complete routine tasks that Taskade AI Agents could do on your behalf.

By automating routine tasks and streamlining content planning and team collaboration, you can focus on what truly matters — creating great content and growing your business.