It took 2 hours to make $220,000 with this AI video

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This sounds too good to be true - so I’m testing it out.

The following is a transcript from a video that caught my attention. Let’s turn this into a tutorial and try it out.

It took 2 hours to make over $220,000 with an AI generated Tik Tok.

It's just bonkers to me how easy it is to make money right now, especially with Tik Tok Shop's new affiliate program.

So, all you're really doing is finding a product on Tik Tok Shop; AI creates an entire video about it, and then you post that AI-made video.

Look at how simple this is.

I found this on Twitter right; this is where it all started. This dude named Cal tweeted this: "AI Tik Tok generated $97,000 in sales."

The reason you feel so sick and tired every single day is the same reason you are so unproductive. It all comes down to one root cause: you are not giving your body the love it deserves.

This is an absolute banger, and you want to know why.

Immediately, they're capturing a ton of people in an emotional way.

When you go to the end of the video, you can see they're actually selling this product right here, this multi-mineral seamoss-looking thing.

Every time someone clicked on this little funny-looking button at the bottom left of their screen and then that person bought this product right here, the person that posted the video is making moola.

That's all it is.

You click on the button, buy something, person that posted makes money.

As simple as that.

This dude made $97,000 in sales, so I'm like, okay, this is a cool-looking tweet. I want to check this out even deeper.

You guys know I've been doing Tik Tok Shop for a couple of months now, and I have almost a million dollars in sales across all my pages.

If you want to watch the videos, definitely go to my channel. It's like somewhere around here, but when I saw this, I freaked out because I'm like, yo, this dude did it without even talking.

He was just using AI to create the video.

So I'm going to show you guys exactly how to do the same exact thing.

There's a website called KaloData where you can find the exact person that posted the video, how much money they're making.

It's just incredible.

In the last 90 days, right, this is the same page that posted this video right here. You can see the same exact little logo.

Look at that. It's crazy.

It's called Healthy Habits, right? $132,000 in sales in the last 90 days.

Not too shabby.

And it was all with this product, and this product in total has brought in over 6 million just from Tik Tok Shop.

You can see it's just going bonkers.

We're talking like $70,000 worth of this is selling on average every single day.

So as I'm looking at this right, you can scroll down, and you can actually go to the creators to see who's posting.

So I did some research right because in order to make these videos, we need to understand how they look first.

So we're going to go to this guy, Conscious Doctor, right?

He's made like $260,000 in total, and this just when I saw this, just sit back, brace yourself because these numbers get insane.

All right, we scroll down on this guy's page right, and we can see his number one video right here.

So now we're looking at this dude, and he has made $224,000 in revenue with less than two hours worth of work because each of these Tik Toks, right, we actually check out this exact Tik Tok.

They take less than two hours to make.

So this dude right if we actually go to his page, he posted six videos, and his sixth one takes off and makes over $220,000.

And his first one got 6 million views. Like, we're not even talking about his first video; we're talking about his sixth video. There is a cash flowing cash cow money-making gold mine right here. I don't even know,

I don't care what you call it; there is opportunity.

And out of this $224,000 that this dude brought in from only a million views, he made 25% commission. So if you do that math right, 24,000, kind of round it there, times 0.25, he took home $60,000.

 Question is, how can you start doing this and find products just like this,

which are usually some type of health product like some pill, and then actually sell them on Tik Tok only using AI?

So first, we need to find a product.

In order to do that, which I found this one right here, you can go to KaloData. Once you go to KaloData, go over to the left-hand side; you'll see the category.

We can also check resources like Amazon Best Sellers 

Then create videos about these products.

Okay, click on that category and then scroll down, and we're going to do Health.

Okay, so once you click on Health, this will show you like a bunch of different supplements.

Supplements sell like hotcakes; I don't know why.

So now that I have my product, the next step is to actually make a script, and this script is going to break down what is going to be inside the video.

So we're going to use this script to generate the audio, to generate the photos, pretty much make the entire thing.

So what you're going to do is go to Google Docs.

So once you're here, you need to come up with a script; this script is going to be around whatever product you choose.

So let's say you're doing this one right; we need to somehow sell this. So what I highly recommend doing is going to this page, Stellar Health.

These guys killed it, we're talking like 19 million views, 12 million views; this is a really solid one.

Another one is Best Healthy Habits and just kind of study what they're doing, right?

Look at their most popular videos, see what they're like, and the one thing that

I've noticed is at the start, here's how your life would change.

Right, that's one of the hooks.

The next hook, health secrets. This one actually sucked; that didn't get many views, right?

Notice how when they directly called them out and hit something emotionally right at the start.

This is how your life would change forever if you ate this rare potent fungi.

You know it's making you interested, so this is the hook that I came up with.

You feel lost in your life; maybe a relationship went south or your job just isn't the same anymore.

It's calling something out emotionally; it's going deep into them; it's going deep into their emotions and their heart and just their personal feelings, right?

You feel lost in your life; it's going to directly call out a lot of people; you're saying you're calling them out, and then I'm relating to them in some way by saying hey,

maybe a relationship went south; maybe they're like, yo, actually, yeah, that did just happen; I'm going to keep watching this video, or your job just isn't the same anymore.

Right, they're going to be like, "Yo, actually, my job ain't the same. I want to watch this."

The hook, I always recommend you do this yourself.

This is probably the only piece of actual work you need to really do.

You know the hook is super important.

For the next part of it, you can go to ChatGPT, right? I use ChatGPT 4; it's really solid.

This is by OpenAI, and you can go and say, "Create me a script about a supplement that contains..." Then let's go through all the things it contains.

Lion's mane, turkey tail, Rishi. Right, uh, Lion's mane.

Create me a script about a supplement that contains Lion's mane, Rishi, turkey tail mushroom. Talk about the benefits and keep it under 150 words.

Boom, so we'll see what this comes up with.

Oh well, there you go.

It just came up with a whole script that you can use.

➤➤ And I would highly recommend redoing this a few times until you get something solid.

This is great.

Wow, this is amazing.

Look at this: "Lion's mane helps your brain feel sharp and quick, kind of like how you feel when you solve."

Rishi is like a calm friend helping you feel less worried and keeping you healthy so you can play more.

Turkey tail is packed with tiny health boosters that help guard your body, almost like having a tiny shield.

Okay, you get the point. This thing is amazing, and it'll give you sentences right.

So you can come in here and be like, "Okay, I like these three sentences.

We're going to stick that in, copy it, and then you can paste it right in here."

Right, and obviously, we're going to have to change it so it looks good.

So what you want to do next is kind of separate this line by line, okay?

And the reason why we're doing that is because each line is going to be a new photo that we actually have to generate.

And this is it.

So you can see there's a lot of highlighted words.

➤➤ We're going to get into what that actually is.

Notice how in this video that I made, like most of the words are white, and then some of them stand out with the colors.

By making those colors inside of the sheet, we're pretty much just helping us in the future.

Things that are positive, I'll highlight in green. So, for example, your life, right? Life is green; it's nice.

Highlight things in red that are usually negative, like negative feelings, negative words. For example, empty, right? Gut-wrenching, that's kind of negative.

Once you have this entire script, which I usually make these in about 20 minutes, once you get the hang of it, it's really easy to do.

It takes like not even 20 minutes.

Now that you have your script, the next step is to go back to ChatGPT. And we're going to use this exact prompt, "Create a 3D ultra-high-resolution image of..."

And then you're going to tell it what to do. So like we already did, right? You feel lost in your life, okay?

That's the first image we need to generate. Notice how the first image has a human, right?

It has an actual person. If we go to some other videos like this one that got 20 million views, it's an AI video.

It has a person, and usually that person has either a positive emotion or some type of negative emotion on their face. That's really going to get them, right? It's going to get them to keep watching.

A man with a shocked face looks lost; closeup view. Oh my gosh, that is so bad. Okay, we're regenerating that. I could literally sh*t on a piece of toilet paper, and it'll look more appealing than this.

Okay, that's kind of cool. Yo, look at this. This is really good. Okay, so this is what it should look like. The dude looks shocked; he's in nature.

We could probably change that, but I really like the colors.

So you could even use this, and if you don't like it, just click this little button, and it'll make it again.

Maybe a relationship went south. Okay, now we need to make something; we need to be creative here. Of a relationship, maybe they're fighting, right?

Two people fighting or a man that's really sad or something like that.

It's going to take some time; this part will probably take about 30 to 40 minutes.

But this is the fun part too;

you're creating photos that usually take like days for an artist to make from scratch, and you're doing it in 30 seconds.

Have fun with it;

you know this is 2024, and it's actually scary. AI is advancing like crazy. Enjoy it; have fun with it.

Go through every single line and make a different photo for each of them.

And once you do that, you should have a whole Google Drive that looks like this.

Right, this is my first image. Okay, second image. This is the relationship of them actually fighting, right?

This line, third image, or your job just isn't the same anymore. I created this one of a dude hating his job. That's what these guys are doing right in these videos that you've probably seen on your For You page.

That's all they're doing; they're going to ChatGPT.

They're just having these random photos be made in 30 seconds; they mash it together in like a slideshow, and then they make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So now that we have the photos, add all of these to a Google Drive.

And the next step we're going to do is actually make the audio for this.

To make those voices, you can go to 11 labs.

This is what it looks like, and you're essentially just putting in all of your text right here. So this is an old one that I did; let me get rid of that. But this is what 11 Labs looks like.

So go back to your script, okay, copy all of this, bada bing bada boom, paste it, and that's it.

Sarah is pretty solid, Nicole's cool. I like Adam, right? Adam is the most popular dude. Let me see if you can hear him. "Allow the world to live as it chooses and allow yourself to live as you choose." Okay, hopefully you could hear him. That's Adam; he's the most popular guy.

So we'll just do Adam right for the voice settings. Usually, I'll keep it around these numbers, maybe bring this down to like 45. You can change these, play around with it, see what is best for you.

We have the voice; we have the images, okay, we have the text that we're going to put on the screen.

How do we actually make that look like this? So we're going to hop over to the phone here, okay, we're going to break this down.

Hopefully, you have everything inside of a Google Drive, so you have your audio that you just made from 11 Labs, right?

You have your Google doc right there, and you even have your images right. So organize it all into one Google folder like this Google Drive folder, and then go through, and this is going to be kind of a pain in the butt, but download every single one of these.

Okay, click on it, download, that's it. Let's go back to this audio that we had, let's just download that.

Okay, now you're going to click on this button that says save to files, okay, so save it to your files. We'll be able to find it later.

Next step, go to the App Store, and you're either going to download CapCut, which I think is alright, I think it's overrated.

I like InShot, right? It's in a like a video editing app.

So yeah, this is it right here, 2 million freaking ratings, it's CED.

So once you actually log into InShot, you're just going to click on video and then click on new.

You can see I selected all the photos right; we're going to use five of them as an example, and then click on the little green check mark in the bottom right.

It's going to load up all your photos, and then boom, now you have your photos inside of InShot.

I only did a few of them CU; I'm just going to show you guys the basics. You'll be able to do the rest, but click on each photo, okay, and we're going to zoom it in so it gets to the entirety of the screen. Look at that, look at that, the quality is insane.

Zoom this in right now; it's really coming together here, and you guys can see how this goes down. Now look at that; it's just like a very basic.

So now you can see we have a very basic slideshow.

If we want to make this look good, we need to add animations and transitions, but first, let's actually add in our audio that we made in 11 Labs.

So you're going to come over here and click on music and then Music Plus and then go to imported. If you don't have it there, just click on import in the top right and then import from files.

That's where you're going to actually find the audio that you saved there. Yeah, just find it, click on it, let's go. So now we have it.

Once you actually have it inside of your shot video editor, if you zoom in right, you'll see these pauses, okay? Let's play it.

Notice those awkward pauses. Life, maybe a relationship went south or your job just isn't the same anymore, whatever it is, it's too slow, right?

So we need to chop that down.

So we're actually going to split it, split it again, delete, that's all we did right.

So move the cursor, click on it, click split, split, and then click on that little segment in the middle, delete.

And now you can see we have a bunch of different little clips; we're just going to put those right next to each other.

So look at this.

Now look how smooth this is. You feel lost in your life; maybe a relationship went south or your job just isn't the same anymore, whatever it may be.

So you have your Google Drive right. You can see the entire script that we made.

We separated it line by line; each of those lines is a new photo.

So the first one, you feel lost in your life.

Okay, let's go back to here, and let's actually make that happen.

You feel lost in your life. You feel lost in your life; that's when we're going to cut the image, lost in your life, boom.

Okay, go to split and boom, just like that. You feel lost in your life; maybe a relationship went south.

Maybe a relationship went south, yep, that's the next line. So we're going to cut it right there, delete the rest. So then scroll over to animation, okay, and we're going to go to the combo; this got some fire in there.


Wireless Mic for TikTok video recording

We'll do the, uh, let's start off with the swing, right? You feel lost in your life, that's fire. Now watch this. You feel lost in your life, maybe a relation that was cool. Okay, so, so next step, right? We're going to go image by image.

Okay, so the first one has a cool animation, and in between each of these photos, we need to put a transition.

Look how awkward that is, right? That's just, that's gross. Okay, we need to put a transition. So, this one should start by swinging in from the left. So let's go to transition. Let's click on this one. Lost in your life, maybe.

Yeah, look at that. That's clean. Watch.

In your life, maybe a make it a little bit longer at the end, maybe.

So, sometimes you might need to make it a little bit longer 'cause once you put the transition in, it's going to mess with it a little bit.

But let's go to animation. Let's actually go to trans. Maybe a relationship went south. Nice. Let's see how that looks.

In your life, maybe a relationship went south or your—okay.

So, notice how the end of this, right? It's going to the right side.

The transition should be going that same way so it looks smooth. Maybe a relationship went south or just like maybe a relationship went south isn't the same anymore. Whatever.

Oh, we had a mess up. Look at that. Okay, to fix that, click on it. Animation. Make sure the timer goes all the way to the—yeah. Just like that.

South or your job just isn't the same anymore.

So, look at that. Looks smooth. We have the audio. Now, you're just going to do that same thing for the entire video, pretty much.

Add in all the audio.

Make sure to get rid of the pauses.

Add in all the photos. The key is every single photo should have one of these animations.

I usually do the combos. Those look solid.

And then I'll do the trans L, trans R. I'll also do the swing L, swing R, and then also the spin all and the fall spin. Go up to the top right, make sure the frame rate is 60 FPS.

Resolution can be 1080 and just save it.

And boom, it's going to download it straight to your phone.

The last step is actually adding the captions.

Okay, which is honestly the quickest thing to do. It does it automatically.

Download this app called Veed captions.

And once you go into it, I got some videos in there. Um, click on plus, choose a video, and then you can select the video that you just made.

And boom, click on ADD English captions.

Okay, it's going to generate all the captions using AI for you. You don't have to do much.

It's incredible. It really is.

That kind of looks booty. We're going to go to style and we're actually going to change this.

I like to use the Casper one.

So lines per block, I'll usually do one line and then the line length. I do it short. Just play around with it. See which one you like the most. This w't drop in. I like that. Yeah, we'll do drop in for this one.

Nice. Look at that. That looks really clean. We'll make it a little bit smaller. That way it doesn't get cut off.

We're going to go through each of these and add in our highlights. So you remember we highlighted these, right? You feel lost in your life. So you feel lost is yellow. So we're going to.

Click on these, right? And just change the color to Yellow. You feel lost. Those are all yellow now. Next one was life.

That was Green. Let's go over to life. I don't like the period. I'm going to remove that. Put that to Green. You feel lost in your life, maybe a relationship went south or your job just isn't the same anymore.

Whatever it may be, this gut-wrenching feeling won't go away. All right, that's better than nothing.

So you guys can keep playing around with it. I'm not going to sit here forever, but that's pretty much how you would do it.

Click on check and then export. And just like that, you have your entire video.

Um, you just uploaded to Tik Tok, put some, you know, music in the background.

Make sure when you're adding the music, do it inside of the Tik Tok app because it makes sure that it's not like copyrighted.

If you have copyrighted music, music, it's going to give you the finger. So just, it's easier inside the app.

So now you turned this script into a bunch of different images and then you took those images.

And also created an AI voice. And then you created an entire video using that. So this is what the full video looks like when it's done.

Um, it's fire.

You have, you know, the transitions, you have the text on the screen, you have the audio.

We're just going to play it so you guys can see it.

You feel lost in your life, maybe a relationship went south or your job just isn't the same anymore.

Whatever it may be, this gut-wrenching feeling won't go away. Dr. Hemi researched this dilemma for years to find a Solution, and it turns out the answer was already in nature. Dr. Hemi found a group of 20 extraordinary mushrooms that when taken together could work wonders on the mind and body.

One of which was Lion's mane, a superfood known for helping protect the body's vital organs. Then there's turkey tail, a powerful natural healer that helps fight viral.

And with that being said, guys, that's pretty much how.

Uh, yeah, guys. So that's how you create an AI video completely from scratch.

AI images,
AI voice,
AI text.
It's solid.

And these videos can take off.

So if you want to learn more about this, I can only put so much into this little video here. So.

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