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Create a new passive revenue stream using AI Tools. Complete, hour by hour action plans that you can complete in an evening, a weekend, a week.

After a great deal of brainstorming, our team has settled on a branding we love!

We're thrilled to unveil our latest venture: As part of this exciting initiative, we've also refreshed our LinkedIn page to align with our new branding.

Create a new passive revenue stream using AI Tools. Complete, hour by hour action plans that you can complete in an evening, a weekend, a week.

Every day, we'll release an extensive business plan on how to use a new AI Tool to improve your business in some way.

The plan provides a project outline and expected results after the work is completed, including hourly tasks broken down into 15 minute segments.

  1. Some of the plans will be 3 hours long. I good focused evening of work.

  2. Some of the plans will be 16 hours. Two full days of your best effort.

  3. Some of the plans will be 40 hours. Book a solid week of building.

This is a natural next step for our team. We have been web designers and online marketers for more more than a decade. Skilled in keyword research, wordpress design, social media marketing, online influencer channel building, graphic design, video editing and search engine optimization...

We detail step by step HOW TO harness this generational shift in how work is done.

Let’s work together to put the power of artificial intelligence to work for your business. Your competitors may already be doing it!

Short Term Goals

Daily ai Business Plan Goals and Ideas

Each AI Tool Has A Specialty (midjourney image by author)

Tailored AI Tools for Industry Sectors: From Tourism to Tech

I've come up with a list of different business plan ideas and a group of different industry sectors that I think these business plans would help the most. As I start moving through and producing business plans, I'm excited to work with small business associations and provide solutions that your membership may need.

Real-World Applications: AI for Tourism and More

For example, you may be an industry organization representing tourism businesses within a specific geographic region. You may have specific needs that would help your membership gain a larger market share if they could use these artificial intelligence tools to enhance their online marketing with very little time requirement.

We Want to Hear from You: Your Requests Matter

I'm super excited to respond to requests from any of our readers!

If you know of a new artificial intelligence tool or have a business plan that you would like to see broken down into a step-by-step sequence, please leave your comments below. I want to create business plans that solve real needs in the small business community for your industry sector.

The Bottom Line: Boost Revenue with AI Tools

Artificial intelligence tools can help develop and strengthen every stage of the business plan. Let's explore these tools and put their powerful benefits into action to help improve our bottom line and grow our revenue.

Small Businesses That Will Benefit From AI Tools

Here's a list of 20 industry sectors where small businesses with fewer than 10 employees often thrive, typically generating millions in annual sales.

I’ve added a pointer to the first areas that I’ll be creating the first Ai Business Plans in the days and weeks to come - and expanded on the comments with some personal perspective.

Specialty Food Stores: Gourmet shops, organic food stores, and specialty food markets.

Boutique Retail: High-end clothing, accessories, or specialized goods.

Digital Marketing Agencies: Specializing in SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing. Many of the business plans that we detail might also become a new service package for any Web Design Agency near you. Our team would be most grateful to hear your success stories and how your team adjusted and improved on the outline we provided!

Consulting Services: Business, IT, or management consulting.

Niche Fitness Studios: Yoga, Pilates, or specialized fitness classes. I have a personal interest in yoga related product sales on Amazon - finding and promoting the best selling items so I might build a new revenue stream from my website, my email newsletter and each of my blog posts.

Craft Breweries: Small-scale breweries focusing on quality and unique flavors.

Luxury Pet Services: High-end grooming, boarding, and pet care.

Custom Furniture Makers: Specializing in high-quality, custom-designed furniture.

Specialized Medical Practices: Dermatology, cosmetic surgery, etc.

High-End Salons and Spas: Offering specialized beauty and wellness services. A niche of retail stores that are letting online sales eat away at huge revenue potential from your local customers, and at the same time missing out on passive revenue streams that online partnerships enable.

Wedding and Event Planning: Specializing in high-end, customized events.

Software Development Firms: Creating specialized software solutions for businesses.

Interior Design Services: Focusing on high-end residential or commercial spaces.

Specialty Travel Agencies: Offering luxury or specialized travel experiences. I have a decade of first person experience as chief online marketer for dozens of tourism businesses and remain passionate about giving back to the industry that started out my web design career in the 1990s. The tutorials and action plan PDF’s that I create for a tourism business will be useful no matter what industry you work in.

Artists and Art Galleries: Selling high-end art pieces and offering art consultation services. Artists have a very unique creative offering, especially in the world of Generative Art. Not just the art, but every product you touch as you work to create your art… is an opportunity for a partnership and a revenue stream. Daunting tasks for online marketers are now a breeze with Artificial Intelligence assistants. I’m excited to create a suite of small action plans for artists - mostly focused on the 3 hour business plans to more forward in small steps that make a difference.

Financial Advisory Firms: Offering specialized financial planning and investment services.

Specialized Legal Services: Focusing on niche areas like intellectual property, immigration, etc.

High-End Landscaping Services: Offering specialized garden design and maintenance.

Luxury Real Estate Agencies: Dealing exclusively with high-end properties.

Specialized Tutoring Services: Offering high-quality, personalized educational services.

Each of these sectors has the potential for high revenue with a small team, especially when they focus on quality, specialization, and exceptional customer service.

Where Can Information Marketers Thrive?

Information marketers often find success in sectors where there's a high demand for specialized knowledge, skills, or insights. Here are 20 industry sectors where information marketers have the greatest success, sales, and influence.

I have also marked a few areas where I’ll create business plans because I already have websites and social media profiles in these niches - and I’m going to use these old sleepy websites as my case study test ground for each of the AI Tools we feature!

Digital Marketing: Courses, webinars, and eBooks on SEO, PPC, social media marketing, etc. Everything I do here will be free tutorials and follow along guides. I will not be focusing on my own product upsells, but will stay focused on referral income from these subject area.

Personal Development: Self-help courses, coaching programs, and motivational content. I don’t want to build these, but I want to document how to correctly partner with, use AI Tools to enhance the profitable partnership.

Health & Wellness: Diet plans, fitness routines, and wellness guides.

Real Estate Investing: Guides on property investment, flipping houses, and real estate trends.

E-commerce: Courses on dropshipping, Amazon FBA, and online store management. Researching data on the top selling Amazon products will be an important insight for expanding a new revenue stream for almost any business.

Stock Market & Forex Trading: Trading strategies, market analysis, and investment guides.

Software Development: Coding bootcamps, language-specific courses, and development frameworks.

Entrepreneurship: Start-up guides, business plan templates, and growth hacking strategies. AI Business Plans with original step by step walkthroughs!

Content Creation: Writing, podcasting, and video production courses. A super powerful central core to all other business sectors - writing and publishing correctly with AI assisted writing and editing is now an imperative for every small business.

Graphic Design: Tutorials on software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and design principles.

Cybersecurity: Courses on ethical hacking, network security, and data protection.

Language Learning: Online language courses, immersion programs, and cultural guides.

Photography: Courses on camera techniques, photo editing, and freelance photography.

Project Management: Certifications and courses on methodologies like Agile, Scrum, and PMP.

Remote Work & Freelancing: Guides on freelancing, remote work tools, and work-life balance. This publication is intended to inspire and equip small businesses, home based businesses, startups and entrepreneurs of all experience levels. Let’s document it.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency: Courses on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading, and NFTs. In autumn 2023 this is a sleeping industry, but the long term potential keeps my interest. I have two old websites that I’m going to set up completely automated daily blog posts. Stay tuned for those tutorials!

Sustainable Living: Guides on eco-friendly practices, sustainable agriculture, and green energy.

Parenting & Childcare: Courses on child development, parenting styles, and educational games.

Fashion & Beauty: Makeup tutorials, fashion styling courses, and personal grooming guides.

Cooking & Culinary Arts: Cooking classes, recipe eBooks, and culinary techniques.

These sectors are ripe for information marketing because they cater to audiences that are actively seeking to improve their skills, knowledge, or quality of life. By offering valuable, high-quality information, marketers can build a loyal customer base and achieve significant sales and influence.

Here Are Some Of The Topics We’ll Cover

Personal Assistant AI Tools (midjourney image by author)

Research & Selection

Using AI-driven market research tools was a revelation. Instead of spending days analyzing trends, I quickly identified the most relevant and in-demand products on Amazon and Etsy. The free version of each tool provides me insights that I would not be able to gather manually.

Maximizing Reviews

AI tools streamlined how I can use product reviews in my content creation process for referral sales. By analyzing user reviews of each of the top selling products, I could quickly highlight the pros and cons and increase the effectiveness of my content.

Affiliate Setup & Monetization

The AI-driven affiliate research helped us find the best partner programs based on my content and audience. This ongoing process ensures we are always tapping into the best partnerships with the most lucrative, passive revenue streams that really serve our audience.

Visual Enhancements

Using AI-driven graphic design tools, we can easily repurpose old content and create captivating visuals without hiring a professional designer. The renewed content becomes an asset we can use to help grow our followers on several different platforms.

Social Media Setup

The AI capabilities of the social media scheduling platform I used were invaluable. It suggested the best times to post and even provided content suggestions, ensuring my social media game was strong from day one.

The new AI capabilities in cutting edge advertising platforms can help with ad copy creation and ensure our ads reach the right audience. I’ll be testing and reporting on the results of optimized ad placements and budgets, and I’ll let you know the details on my ROI.

It’s such an exiting path of research!

Today’s Tutorials are on ai video tools (midjourney image by author)

Today’s tutorial will start with a Case Study using an AI Video Tool to create new video Shorts from good quality old YouTube Videos.

This case study starts with a 3 hour task that expands into a 40 hour mini-net strategy that is presently in testing - with very exciting initial data!

Future Format in tomorrow’s newsletter:

Here is a sample outline of the daily business plan format as we are starting out. The first set of plans will focus on a three hour set of tasks. As we progress, the three hour-bundles of work can be organized into a larger workflow.

"Upgrade Your [Specific Area] in Just 3 Hours: Here's How"


Briefly introduce the Specific Area of focus for today's AI Business Plan. State the problem many small businesses face in this area. List what the 3-hour service package aims to achieve for the Specific Area.

Expected Benefits

Explain why upgrading this Specific Area is crucial for small businesses. List three benefits the business owner can expect and how they addresses the problem stated in the introduction. Share a short case study or testimonial if available.

How to Get Started

Detailed description of what the 3-hour service package includes. Step by step guide to complete the 3-hour service package for your own business in one evening. Links to blog posts, case studies, or other resources related to the Specific Area.

Share 2-3 quick stats that businesses can check on immediately, serving as a teaser to see how important it is, and if your business should

get started on this three hour task in this Specific Area.

Investment & ROI

Where we can, we’ll discuss the cost of the task package vs the long term benefits in the Specific Area. If we can provide an estimate of the ROI, backed by data, it always helps to verify the plan.

Additional Resources (Appendix)

Each of the AI Business Plans may include summaries and links to extra resources that may expand on the concepts in this Specific Area.

Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining our mission to create and test Business Plans for using AI Tools to improve your small business.

You’re not just in-the-know about artificial intelligence, you’re in the ‘Know How’!

To Your Success,

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