Write AI Content Cluster to DOMINATE SEO in Any Niche

How To Make Your 1st Dollar With AI Content

Hello and welcome back everybody. My name is Doug from AI-BusinessPlans. Grab a coffee because in today's tutorial, I'm going to show you a new tool that I just discovered that is going to knock your socks off. 

It is one of those tools that just makes artificial intelligence amazingly easy. 

So what I've done is I started off with the Machined AI free account, and I went through and I created a bunch of content.

You can see down below here, but I'm not going to do a full tutorial of how to use Machined AI.

Instead, I'm going to refer you over to Savvity.

Follow Savvity's Amazing Tutorial

I followed the tutorial that Savvity Digital did, and it's amazing. In fact, a lot of Savvity's tutorials are so good that I have to slow down the video to catch everything that he's teaching.

So be sure to watch that video; I've linked it here.

After I followed his tutorial, and there's some important steps in there, this is what I came up with: these posts here.

SEO Cluster Content (screenshot by author)

Now, what I want to do is go into the actual content itself and show you what I did and just how amazing this is.

Planning Content for SEO Success

I'm going to talk about what I'm going to do with this content, and then later, I'll do a video that shows how this changed my search engine placements overall.

I'm pretty excited about everything that's set up here because I've done SEO for a long time.

Let's just grab one of these articles and take a look at it. 

What I'm planning to do now is to take sections of the articles and schedule them for sharing over on a publication on Medium.com.

Long Posts with SEO-Friendly Sections

So what I found with each of these really long posts that Machined AI did for me is that I can break up the posts into about five or six different sections.

If I take each section of this really long blog post and I schedule it for sharing over on my publication on Medium, that'll create a ping.

If I schedule it every week, now I can break this into six different pieces. I can schedule it out so it goes out once every week.

That creates six different pings back to this new cluster of content.

Interlinking Articles for Maximum SEO Impact

The clustering of content in this stuff is really, really important because when I click on any of these links, it brings me off to the next article.

They're all interlinked using the keywords that the search engines are using. Over time, this is going to turn into a really juicy piece of asset. So what I'll do now is I'll take that big long article, break it into six different pieces, and schedule it for publication.

I'll link back to the main article, and I'm going to do that with a number of these new articles that have just been created for me using the service over on Machined AI.

Creating New Clusters of Content with Topical Authority

Now, I still have room to do yet another cluster of articles for free this month, so I'll create that again around a special cluster of articles.

What I plan to do for this topical cluster is use the Topical Authority for SEO GP generator.

Topical Authority For SEO (screenshot by author)

I'm going to find a cluster of keywords that really focuses around one of the products that I want to promote that will pay me a referral program every 30 days.

I'll do more videos about that in the future.

Wrapping Up

If you've got any comments or questions or any requests, leave them down below. Thanks again for tuning into this short video.

I hope it was helpful for you.

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Cheers, let's use AI to make passive income.