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Today, let's talk about something that's been buzzing in the WordPress community: GetGenie, an AI copywriting and SEO plugin that's integrated right into your WordPress editor.

GetGenie Wordpress Plugin Step-By-Step (midjourney image by author)

In this post, I’m going to:

set up the Free GetGenie License for wordpress websites,

create and publish a post to test all the features, and

demonstrate how to get even more value out of the amazing and super-fast content that GetGenie creates!

AI Assisted Writing Tools

New tools for AI assisted digital writing are gaining huge attention, GetGenie emerges as a beacon of innovation, promising to redefine the boundaries of AI copywriting.

Integrated seamlessly with WordPress and compatible with Elementor, GetGenie invites us to explore the uncharted territories of AI-driven content creation.

As we research and test new AI copywriting tools, the uniqueness of GetGenie’s approach stands out and beckons to be tested – can it really enable us to create blog posts that will eventually rank well on Google?

Let’s follow a step-by-step how to use the GetGenie Wordpress AI Tool.

The Unique Approach of GetGenie: Bridging Limitations and Innovation

Many AI copywriting tools are created and operate on web platforms, but GetGenie dares to tread a different path.

And they have been gaining HUGE popularity. Check this out eight months ago they had 900 installations…

Now they are sporting over 10,000 Active Installations and a HUGE achievement of
a 5 Star Rating!

While it does possess a web platform, the real magic happens within your WordPress website, where content generation comes to life.

This plugin has proven to be a boon for WordPress users and I’m excited to share how I’ve been making use of this content on different platforms.

Keep reading!

How To Get GetGenie Plugin For Wordpress

Diving into the Toolset: A Symphony of 35+ Content Generation Instruments

For those sailing on the WordPress ship, GetGenie unveils a treasure trove of over 35 AI tools, each designed to breathe life into your content.

I’ll just go through a direct path to creating a blog post that we can test for bounce rate and SEO success over time.

It was easy to sign up on GetGenie.

I added my website and generated the free License Key. After I added the key to the wordpress plugin inside my website, everything worked instantly.

If you’ve added API keys before, this process should be simple.

Initiating the journey with a long-tail keyword, the Block Wizard mode opens the gates to a world where the length of your keyword determines the depth of GetGenie’s knowledge.

Keyword Analysis and Competition Scanning

The depth of keyword analysis and competition scanning within GetGenie was clear, fast and simple, leaving us focused on quick content.

Deeper Keyword Research

If we really want a deep extensive view of the top 20 competitors to truly understand what makes content rank - then I would recommend a tool like Helium 10 to find the most lucrative keywords go along with your earliest content planning.

AI Helps Us Overcome Writer’s Block

As I go through setting up GetGenie I’m using tools to generate titles, introductions, and outlines, and inspiring new creativity ideas when I experiment with the “Write for Me” function.

Faster, Better AI-Driven Writing

I’m not good at typing actually. And I backspace a lot. It takes me a lot of time to actually type out a paragraph. My typing skills are getting worse too.

GetGenie is swift. It is enabling faster content creation and helping writers overcome the hurdles of writer’s block, and also serving as a source of inspiration and a catalyst for new and unexpected creativity.

One Click Blog Post Option

Unlocking SEO Optimization: The GetGenie Way

Embarking on the SEO optimization journey with GetGenie is like unlocking hidden treasures.

From choosing keywords and analyzing competitors to generating titles and crafting intros, every step is a leap towards achieving an 80+ content score and dominating the SERP.

Crafting the Perfect Outline: The Secret Sauce to SEO Optimization

Choosing the perfect outline is akin to discovering the secret sauce of SEO optimization.

With GetGenie, you can expand outlines, fix the six pillars of SEO optimization – word count, headings, LSI keywords, images, alt text, and internal links – and witness the gradual ascent of your content score.

Here’s My First Quick Sample Post

Posted on altcoinopportunities website (screenshot by author)

First Blog Post In About An Hour

The sample post was fast! And I was taking screenshots as I went.

Once the GetGenie processing was complete, I did some formatting and added images to the draft post.

I’ve been using MidJourney for months so it’s a pretty easy part of my workflow now.

Finally I quickly included details about a product offering that I have… that already matches the theme of the website.

So, again, I save a lot of time in the post planning and monetization because I’m using the GetGenie plugin to help me along the same direction I’m already going with this wordpress website.

I could have taken more time to build in a number of referral links, but it’s a pretty good self-promotional post that took almost no time to create.

Now I’ll submit to Google Webmaster Tools to ensure fast indexing.

Many More Tools in GetGenie

Revolutionizing LinkedIn and Instagram Posts

GetGenie’s LinkedIn post generator and Instagram caption generator templates are like hidden gems, enabling you to craft eye-catching and engaging posts, supercharging your WordPress dashboard, and increasing your visibility and network.

Transforming Product Descriptions: The GetGenie Magic

Write product descriptions within minutes using AI product description generator. Simply click on AI writing and look for the product description template.

With GetGenie’s advanced AI, you can generate multiple product descriptions within minutes, ensuring optimal results and creativity.

Peering into the Future of AI and Wordpress Blogs

As we stand on the cusp of a digital writing revolution, GetGenie beckons us to embrace the future of AI-driven content creation.

With its unique approach, diverse toolset, and continuous evolution, GetGenie is not just a tool; it’s a companion in your wordpress website, on your journey towards making money online.

So, are you ready to unlock the limitless possibilities and redefine the boundaries of content creation?

Dive into the world of GetGenie and let your creativity soar!

Getting Your WordPress Posts A Bigger Audience

The final step I’ll follow is to repost this article onto a large, topic-related Publication on Medium - like CoinMonks.

Not only will my article reach a greater audience, but I’ll open potential for another layer of revenue potential from the easy content that I created with the free GetGenie Plugin for Wordpress.

I’ll post more on this in the future!

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