GPT Money

Passive Income with AI

GPT Money - Passive Income with AI

GPT Money - Passive Income with AI, is a new book and course we are excited to launch!

What’s Inside GPT Money

In this powerful free guide, entrepreneurs and small business owners will discover the jaw-dropping powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We begin by introducing the concept of passive income through AI, and sift through the current AI landscape to find where we might earn passive income.

Delve into refined AI strategies and advanced prompt engineering, and learn how to use GPT to set business goals and design prompts for optimal AI performance. The book covers the breadth of AI's application in modern business, from scaling operations to enhancing customer experiences and leveraging AI-powered analytics for smarter decision-making.

Continuing Advances

The heart of the guide explores the most recent advancements in AI technology, including cutting-edge developments post-GPT-4, and provides case studies highlighting AI breakthroughs.

With a focus on building diverse revenue streams, we navigate through affiliate marketing, digital product creation, and AI's revolutionary role in e-commerce.

Content creation is revolutionized with AI's assistance in blogging, video production, and self-publishing, offering a blueprint for consistency and quality.

Marketing strategies are reimagined through the lens of AI, emphasizing brand building, personalized email marketing, and SEO mastery.

Being Human with AI

An essential section on ethics addresses AI bias, data privacy, and maintaining the human element in digital entrepreneurship. For those looking to monetize AI skills directly, the book offers guidance on consulting, educating, and navigating the AI marketplace.

Success stories and cautionary tales provide real-world context, and the course community will help readers with the ongoing AI evolution, ensuring they are equipped for the trends and skills that will define the future of passive income in the AI era.

A private Discord for Course members offers further learning opportunities, and our own GPT Assistant Instructor provides 24×7 help to simplify the learning process for course members.

The August 2023 edition of the free PDF guide is an indispensable resource for anyone eager to forge a path to financial freedom through the smart use of AI Tools to create a passive income out of your free time.

November 2023 edition coming soon!


GPT MONEY - The Course

We are super excited as we prepare to launch ‘GPT Money - The Course and Community’!

Created to give you deeper resources and more personalized one-on-one support to help you gain more results.

GPT Money - Passive Income with AI, the early edition is available now!


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