How I'm Using a Second Brain to Organize My Side Hustles

Ideas Work Together As Never Before

  • If you're overwhelmed by the amount of information you need to manage for your side hustle,

  • If you're struggling to keep track of tasks, ideas, and resources,

  • And if you'd rather have a centralized, organized system that enhances your productivity and creativity…

Then the Free Notion Template - Second Brain, might be for you.

Notion Second Brain Template (screenshot by author)

Like many people, I am growing an online side hustle to make some passive income.

It is a mountain of work - and I’m also on the path to figuring out how to manage and grow my different side hustles effectively.

Mind Maps are great, but not as good as a database in Notion.

  1. For my own part - I have three Niches.

  2. Each Niche has a free Beehiiv newsletter website and a

  3. Each Niche has a dedicated Publication on Medium.

  4. Each Niche also publishes into a range of other Publications on Medium.

  5. Each Niche has a range of social media profiles, such as a business profile on Linkedin.

  6. Each business profile may have a range of various groups where content can be shared.

  7. Each Niche has a branded shop on the Whop Marketplace

Keeping track of all those moving parts, in each niche, is overwhelming.

What is a Second Brain?

Remember to don’t forget.

The Second Brain method in Notion is a system for capturing, organizing, and retrieving your ideas, insights, tasks, and other information related to your side hustle in a centralized digital platform.

As I’m getting organized in Notion - I’m also learning how to bring all my many different mind maps, documents, and spreadsheets into a format within Notion where everything can work together.

I’m also using this popular Free Notion Template is based on the Second Brain methodology.

While I learn how to set up my projects in the system, I am saving and organizing the knowledge, assets, and ideas into a place where they can all work together as never before.

Why is it AMAZING?

It offloads the burden of remembering everything from your mind, freeing up cognitive space for creativity and strategic thinking.

This method can help you manage your side hustle more effectively, leading to growth and success. 9 11.

Why a Second Brain is So Powerful

Before - Without this system, you might waste time and energy trying to remember tasks, track progress, and manage overwhelming amounts of information. This could lead to missed opportunities, stress, and slower growth for your side hustle. 13, 14.

After - With the Second Brain in Notion, you'll have a structured, organized system that enhances your productivity. You'll be able to manage tasks, track progress, and store valuable information efficiently. This could lead to faster growth, increased income, and a more successful side hustle. 6, 12.

Case Study

Maria Aldrey, a productivity enthusiast, used the Second Brain method in Notion to organize and learn new material.

This helped her grow from working as a "stock associate" in a retail store to getting as many opportunities as she wanted. 19 .

How it Works

Start with a little bit each day.

Step 1: Slowly start setting up your Second Brain in Notion. Start with easy basics.

Step 2: Day by day add a few more tasks, ideas, and resources related to your side hustle in Notion

Step 3: Organize this information in a way that makes sense to you, using Notion's flexible features.

Step 4: As you update your Second Brain it will become more useful and powerful.

Step 5: Track daily insights in your Second Brain to monitor and organize your efforts to grow your side hustle.

Get Organized and Set Yourself Free

Can you see yourself trying this Second Brain Template for Notion?
Would you rather save time and stress by having a centralized, organized system?
Imagine if you could focus more on strategic decisions and creativity, how much growth could your side hustle achieve?

➤ The Free Notion Template - Second Brain, might be for you.

It’s a living process.

And many of us on on different stages of the same journey.

So I created GPT Money - a Course and spam-free Discord community for all side-hustle builders in the world.

May we create a mastermind with friends and prosper together.