How I Use Perplexity AI to Make Money

WHY I choose Perplexity AI over ChatGPT

By now, we are sure you have tried ChatGPT and you might have heard that it will revolutionize the way we search, work, and learn. 

But today we have another tool that we want to highlight. 

It’s called Perplexity AI

At first I thought maybe it would be like a smarter ChatGPT that was smoother with web searching, but it’s much more than that.

Perplexity is an answer engine, not a search engine.

At first I didn’t realize how DIFFERENT that is from those old Search Engines.

Uncovered AI posted a video that showed a great example of the difference between an answer engine and an search engine.

I Want The Answer: 

How Can Perplexity AI Help Me Create a New Income Stream or Grown and Existing Income Source?

People Need To Learn

We can create tutorial lessons — particularly around tips and tricks for well-known business software tools that also provide a referral program.

This way we can give the lessons away for free on YouTube and social media. 

We can create free training in a community on Skool or the Whop Marketplace and then monetize those courses with referral income.

Why Perplexity over ChatGPT?

Here’s what I’ve found that makes me believe that Perplexity AI might be better suited for creating tutorial lessons.

  • Real-Time Answers: Perplexity AI can provide real-time answers to the most common questions that we find online. This way we know we are making lessons that are engaging for students.

  • Factual Accuracy: Perplexity draws its responses from a range of live webpages, including academic databases, which means we know that our course is providing users with the most updated and accurate information.

  • Source Linking: Perplexity AI provides concise answers accompanied by source links, which are invaluable for fact-checking and further exploration.

ChatGPT Is Fantastic For So Many Tasks

Yet, while ChatGPT is known for engaging with learners individually and providing immediate feedback, it may not always provide the most current information as it is limited to the data it was trained on until its last update.

Second, ChatGPT may not always cite sources for its information, which can be a drawback when we are creating a new course and we need to be sure the information is accurate.

Perplexity AI’s ability to provide source-linked answers and draw from a wide range of current web pages makes it particularly useful for educators who need to provide accurate and verifiable information in their lessons.

The credibility of the information presented in tutorials will dramatically affect conversion rates from the free training to the paid software.

Teaching Pays

Creating helpful courses that provide step-by-step walk through answers to the most commonly asked questions online… is a sure way to provide value.

Is it time to learn how to create courses that earn passive income?

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Until next time - Here’s to taking action towards your success!