How To Write Articles That Make Money

Use artificial intelligence tools to create a profitable article in 5 minutes.

In this post, I'm going to show you how I've been recently using artificial intelligence tools to create articles that are profitable. They're making money.

I'm going to show you how I'm using Gemini, how I'm using Perplexity, and how I'm using ChatGPT to turn some articles and new information into money.

One of the things that I've been doing is to test what other people are doing with artificial intelligence because there's so much going on that I don't know that I really have to do a lot of research and studying.

I've found a couple of really great resources. 

Jack Roberts has been fantastic. I really love going through all of his different videos, and I like Dr. Andrew—he's doing some fantastic stuff here as well. I've also been learning some tricks from Marcus over on the Affiliate Marketing MC, and he's got some phenomenal stuff. He's been at this for a long time and he really knows what he's doing.

So, following these guys is a fantastic way for me to learn, and now to start implementing. Then, I'm sharing everything I'm doing over on a brand new community.

For today's video, I'm going to go into Dr. Andy's video on Julius AI 

And starting out, getting some insights into your data. I've already watched through his video and it's really amazing.

This is an amazing AI tool and I brought up some more additional research where there are some use cases for Julius AI for marketing, for healthcare, for academia, and economics.

The thing that's really different about this AI tool is that it takes your data and it does a whole bunch of research analysis for you.

And so now I want to go through the quick process as how I've been using the AI to create an article out of somebody else's content as I'm researching and learning more.

Write Articles that Make Money using Artificial Intelligence (midjourney image by author)

A: Get Two Different Summaries

"Please give me a detailed summary of this video," I say to Gemini.

Here we get a short detail from Gemini, very good. Now I'm going to take this very same prompt and I'm going to copy-paste it over to Perplexity, and now in Perplexity, I'm going to ask it to give me a short summary of this video.

So now we have the key points and the summary from two different AI tools.

From here I take both articles and give them to my custom GPT.

So all I have to do is copy and paste in these two articles and it will rewrite everything for me.

Here's the prompt I give it. "I have two versions of a summary from a video. Please combine them into one article," and now

B: Storify The Boring Summaries

ChatGPT will take this article and rephrase it so that it tells a story of me learning about Julius.

I can take this generated article and I can start to edit and write it, and change it to be more authentic of my own experience with Julius as I go through and try things out, and take screenshots that I can put inside of a future article.

The next thing I want to do is to start building my AI-businessplans website by adding more articles to it so that I can be building the revenue stream here in my Beehiiv newsletter website.

C: Publish, Re-Publish and Share

Next, I want to republish that article onto a big publication on as another revenue stream before I start sharing this article onto social media.

How to make money as a writer (midjourney image by author)

Now let’s get into the detail:

How Does This Article Make Money?

In this section I'm going to talk about “Where is the Money?

Where does the income come from by making an article like this with the artificial intelligence?

Revenue Stream One

Well, the first one is to get people to subscribe to my beehiiv newsletter.

I started experimenting last week because of some of our subscribers in our Discord chat asking some questions so I had to demonstrate it, and here we are!

I've made $5 from these two different posts that I did last week on the fourth and the fifth.

Beehiiv Ads Earnings (screenshot by author)

Revenue Stream Two

Another revenue stream that is growing now is the community on Whop and the course that goes along with this for $4.95 a month, and that'll go up as we get more people joining.

Here is a screenshot of the current MMR (monthly reoccurring revenue).

Whop Earnings (screenshot by author)

Revenue Stream Three

And here's another revenue stream now is when I'm finished this article on my Beehiiv website, I will republish it over into a large publication on Medium.

This is where some really good money is coming in from writing these articles.

I can put them out and they start to earn a couple dollars or more per month.

About 1 week of recent earnings on Medium (screenshot by author)

Revenue Stream Four

This is actually turns out to be some pretty incredible revenue but as you can see here up along the top, there is still another revenue stream we haven't looked at.

It is to go to the very bottom of all of these AI tools and look for those that have an affiliate program.

Julius AI affiliate program sign up (screenshot by author)

➤➤ Revenue In The Follow up!

And so part of the long-term plan of making this video is to create the follow-up to show how much this specific blog post and video actually made over time.

And that wraps it up for today's video.

Thanks again for tuning in, be sure to subscribe down below, and I look forward to any of your questions and comments.