Make Easy Money with Beehiiv's Boost Feature

A Guide for Beginners

Imagine finding gold nuggets while simply reading emails!

Teaching will always be big business. (images by author)

I’m setting up my first try with the Beehiiv's Boost feature so I can see for myself what it can be like for starting newsletter creators.

I know how hard it is to make money from your passion, especially with ads feeling annoying.

But Boost promises to let me recommend other cool newsletters inside this one, and earn cash when people subscribe!

Could this be like selling shovels during a gold rush?

Everyone's looking for great newsletters, and Boost helps me connect you, my readers, with the right ones.

Plus, setting it up is super easy – only 5 minutes!

Here's how it works, in simple steps:

  1. Join Beehiiv: Sign up for free and browse other interesting newsletters.

  2. Become a Booster: Apply to recommend these newsletters in your own.

  3. Get Paid: When someone subscribes through your recommendation, you earn money!

It's like having a mini-store inside your newsletter, filled with hidden treasures (other cool newsletters).

People discover new stuff, and you make money!

Grow your readership and grow your revenue. (images by author)

Here's why you should jump in now:

  • Early Bird Bonus: Boost is still new, so be among the first to get the most subscribers.

  • Faster Growth: Help others grow their newsletters, and yours can grow too!

  • Easy to Use: Takes just minutes to set up, and Beehiiv even has AI tools to make your newsletter more attractive.

Need more help? Here are some resources:

  • Free YouTube Tutorials: Learn exactly how to use Boost, step-by-step.

  • Paid Courses: Dive deeper and become a Boost master.

  • Whop Marketplace: Sell your Boosting services to even more people.

Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Some creators earn up to $1,000 per email with Boost!

Other ways to make money:

  • Premium Subscriptions: Keep 100% of the profits when people pay directly for your newsletter.

  • Partner Program: Earn 50% commission for referring new paying Beehiiv users.

Don't miss out!

The newsletter market is booming, and Boost can help you ride the wave.

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Start today and turn your passion into profit!

Some Background on Beehiiv Boosts

Here are the top questions about using Boosts to monetize your Beehiiv Newsletter, along with detailed answers:

Beehiiv Support . (images by author)

1. What are Boosts in Beehiiv?

Boosts are a feature within the Beehiiv platform that allows newsletter publishers to monetize their content by recommending other newsletters within their own. Publishers can earn revenue by driving subscribers to other newsletters through these recommendations.

2. How effective are Boosts for monetization?

Boosts are designed to be an effective monetization strategy. They leverage the network of newsletters on Beehiiv to help publishers earn passive revenue. The effectiveness can be measured by the average cost per subscriber and the average open rate of recommended subscribers, which are reported to be $1.63 and 42%, respectively.

3. How do I integrate Boosts into my newsletter?

Boosts are fully integrated into the Beehiiv platform, requiring no additional code, APIs, or custom integrations. They can be set up in minutes and are designed to be user-friendly.

4. What revenue can I expect from using Boosts?

The revenue from Boosts depends on the number of subscribers you drive to other newsletters and the cost per acquisition (CPA) you set for your Boosts. Beehiiv provides automated reporting and real-time dashboards to track progress and conversions, helping you monitor the revenue you earn.

5. What types of Boosts are available?

There are different Boost offers that you can create or apply to within the Beehiiv marketplace. You can specify how much you're willing to pay per new subscriber when looking to grow your newsletter, or browse offers and apply to boost newsletters that align with your audience when looking to monetize.

6. How do I track the performance of my Boosts?

Beehiiv offers live real-time dashboards for tracking the performance and conversions of your Boosts. You can analyze the quality of new subscribers and adjust your strategies accordingly.

7. What is the verification process for subscribers acquired through Boosts?

Beehiiv has a verification process to ensure that you only pay for real and engaged subscribers. This process involves a verification window during which the quality and eligibility of new subscribers are validated.

8. How do I get paid for using Boosts?

Earnings from Boosts are deposited into your Beehiiv wallet, and you can withdraw these funds to your synced Stripe account. Beehiiv takes a 20% transaction fee, and the rest is paid out to the publisher.

9. Can I use Boosts to grow my newsletter audience?

Yes, Boosts can be used as a growth tool for newsletters. By creating a Boost offer and specifying your CPA, you can tap into the network of newsletters on Beehiiv to drive new, high-quality subscribers to your newsletter.

10. Are there any best practices for successful Boosts campaigns?

The keys to successful Boosts campaigns include creating compelling offers, targeting the right audience, setting a competitive CPA, continuously assessing the quality of new subscribers, and using Beehiiv's segmentation tools to analyze subscriber engagement.

Boosts in Beehiiv offer a dual benefit of monetization and audience growth for newsletter publishers.

Beehiiv Newsletters are mobile optimized. (images by author)

If you want to save time navigating complex advertising platforms,

If you have no idea how to effectively grow your newsletter audience,

And if you'd rather start monetizing your content with ease,

Then Beehiiv's Boost Feature is for you.

WHAT it is

Beehiiv's Boost Feature is a two-sided marketplace designed to help newsletter creators grow their audience and monetize their content. 2 10.

WHY it’s amazing

This feature allows you to tap into a network of popular newsletters, offering a fast and cost-effective way to acquire new, engaged subscribers, and for others to earn by promoting your newsletter 4.

Value For Newsletter Creators


Without Boosts, you might spend countless hours and funds on marketing strategies with uncertain returns, struggling to grow your subscriber base or monetize your content effectively.


With Boosts, you can quickly set up campaigns, attract quality subscribers, and start earning from your newsletter, all while enjoying automated reporting and spam protection.

A real story from a user:

"I set it and forgot it - and haven't really looked at it since," indicating the ease and effectiveness of using Boosts to grow their newsletter. 4.

Case Study

A user who started with just 50 subscribers saw significant growth after utilizing Boosts, highlighting its effectiveness even for smaller newsletters. 6.

How it Works

Step 1: Go to the 'Grow' section and select 'Boosts' on the Beehiiv platform.

Step 2: Add funds to your Beehiiv wallet, ensuring there are no fees associated with the deposit.

Step 3: Create an offer, specifying the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and your target audience.

Step 4: Publish your offer in the Boosts marketplace, where other publishers can apply to promote your newsletter.

Step 5: Monitor the performance of your Boosts campaign and optimize as needed, with the ability to cash out your earnings at any point.

Investing In Growth

Can you see yourself using this feature and experiencing the same growth as our case study?

Would you rather save time not trying unproven marketing methods and just skip to seeing your subscriber count rise?

Imagine if you started monetizing your newsletter effectively, how much more revenue could you generate?

Reporting On The Value

I’m committed to discovering the best strategies for newsletter growth and monetization.

Which is why I am experimenting with this feature and I’ll share if I find it valuable for any newsletter creator looking to grow and monetize their platform efficiently.