Passive Income Results from AI Blogging

How Much I Made With AI Blogging Revealed

Good morning and welcome to another video from AI Business Plans. My name is Doug.

In this video, I'm going to talk about how much money I made from running this automation from and publishing onto medium.

If you're interested in making passive income from blogging, this video is for you.

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So let's jump into the details quickly.

Generating Passive Income Through AI-Powered Blogs.

What I did is I used Perplexity AI and Chat GPT along with an automation in to create an article that went out to Medium and WordPress.

This is the article here (Corn Price Spike Imminent).

After the automation ran, I had to take about a half an hour to format the article, so it's not fully automated yet.

But as I go through, you can see the details that Perplexity AI collected for me and I formatted into an informational post so that I could learn more about the corn market in commodities.

The second revenue stream that I built into this is to have a link to a referral program where people could sign up and actually trade corn using Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies.

So the long-term revenue stream is to get people to sign up for this SimpleFX account by posting really good information about the commodity itself.

So, how much did this article earn since I posted it?

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Not that much. $1.33 in earnings from and you can see that there were just a few article views on this so far.

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Exposed: Where Is The Big Money

But the thing is, I created a second article that explained how I set up this automation, and that article, let's see where that is, how to automate Perplexity AI for passive income.

This article actually did much better for earnings.

So if you see the stats on this one, it made $18 just talking about how I set up the automation and that post is where the money is being made.

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What I’m Doing Next

So I'm doing another automation right now.

I've set up Perplexity so that I've asked it a few different questions and then I went to Chat GPT, took those three different answers, and rewrote into a new format.

Now I'm going to learn if I can take that and have it automated and I'll share more on the next video.

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Thanks again for tuning in.

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I look forward to sharing more of the details about how I'm making passive revenue from doing these videos and doing these blog posts.

See you in the next video.