Why Perplexity AI is THE BEAST for Creating Courses

Education Is Being Transformed By Perplexity AI

If you want to save time not sifting through countless resources to create educational content…

If you have no idea how to leverage AI to create a course…

If you want to deliver high-quality tutorials and build passive income

…then Perplexity AI might just be the solution you're looking for.

What is Perplexity AI?


Perplexity AI is an advanced conversational AI tool that provides real-time, detailed, and human-like responses to queries, backed by a wealth of internet resources.

WHY it’s Amazing

  • Perplexity AI streamlines the content creation process.

  • We can make courses and tutorials - really easily.

  • This post is an example.

MASSIVE Value For Content Creators


Until now creating tutorial-style courses involved having real personal knowledge.

The educator draws from extensive research and personal data collection, and always runs the risk of being behind-the-curve and inadvertently providing irrelevant information.

This leads to a significant drain on time and resources but also erodes trust that your students have in your course material.


With Perplexity AI, educators and content creators can quickly access up-to-date, reliable information, generate content ideas, and receive assistance with lesson planning, all of which can significantly improve the educational experience.

Pro tip

We are teaching content creators how to customize Perplexity AI with personal instructions.

These easy steps are an eye-opening strategy to easily transform our course creation methods by integrating Perplexity AI into our lesson planning - and even using Perplexity to within the Q and A session in private paid communities!


Creating Cutting Edge Courses with Perplexity AI

Passive Income Case Study

Todays educators on Whop Marketplace and Skool Course Communities can use Perplexity AI to enhance their lesson content.

This saves hours of research time and also increases student engagement due to the interactive and current nature of the materials provided by the course materials [3].

How it Works

1. Define the Scope: Determine the topics and objectives for your tutorial.

2. Gather Information: Use Perplexity AI to research and collect accurate, up-to-date content.

3. Create Content: Leverage the AI's suggestions to draft your tutorial.

4. Refine: Utilize the interactive Copilot feature for real-time feedback and improvements.

5. Cite Sources: Easily add references to your tutorial with the citation provision feature.

Content Creator Community

- Can you see yourself using Perplexity AI to create engaging and informative tutorials with ease?

- Would you rather save time by using an AI assistant for research and content creation instead of the traditional, time-consuming methods?

- Imagine if you could develop courses that consistently resonate with your audience, how much more impactful could your teaching be?

Customizing Perplexity AI

It cost me countless hours and years of effort to write my original educational content manually.

…and now with Perplexity AI, I can reorganize and refresh my course in a fraction of the time.

This is exciting to share with other content creators.

The goal of our community is to make it accessible and at the same time the tiny fee is a spam filter that make our community that much better.

Create Courses to Earn Passive Income

My next step is to complete the tutorial on

how I customized the format of Perplexity AI output

…so that it created this entire post - from one question:

Why is Perplexity AI the ideal tool for creating tutorial style courses?

And were we are.

After a few minutes editing this article, I can see why Perplexity AI stands out as an ideal tool for creating tutorial-style courses due to its advanced AI capabilities, real-time information access, and user-friendly features that cater to the needs of educators and content creators alike.

I’m still blown away actually.

But this article is missing the key step - that one ingredient that made Perplexity AI give me the answer in this specific format.

To Your Success