An Insane New SEO Advantage with Perplexity AI Pages

And I Might Be The Only One Talking About This

Howdy and welcome back everybody I've got an unexpected video today.

I made a discovery today that I want to share it with you right away. I want you guys to start working on this and see if it works for you as well.

Today we're going to talk about creating topical SEO links from perplexity back to your own website and I discovered that today by watching this video by Julian Goldie SEO.

I watched what he was teaching about perplexity AI for SEO but I just discovered something different and powerful that I couldn’t wait to share.

I Didn’t Get Perplexity Pages At First

When I first started getting into use it I was disappointed with Perplexity Pages.

I wasn’t impressed at first. (midjourney images by author)

As I went through the content curation tools and as I was editing, there was no way for me to create links back to myself or put in my own image or my own video to make this a marketing resource for myself.

And so at first I wasn't really getting it with the pages

Until I discovered this one important thing: 

Unexpected power of Perplexity AI (screenshot by author)

Here's what I started to do.

Step-by-Step Process

I followed this process to begin creating a cluster of Perplexity Pages surrounding the topical authority keywords that my project was focused on:

  1. Go to the Topical Authority for SEO GPT to create topical authority keywords.

  2. I put in "AI tools," and it gave me a list of 20 different pillar pages or sub-niches to cover to be considered a topical authority on AI tools.

  3. I generated more specific articles focusing on AI in marketing, finance, and retail.

As I started to generate specific articles inside Perplexity, I found a secret strategy.

After creating a page, I did more research, took a quote from my page, and had Perplexity research it.

This brought my page up as one of the resources listed.

My page listed on Perplexity AI resources! (screenshot by author)

I then moved that paragraph to the top of the research page on this new Perplexity Page, which I can share on social media.

While the page contains other content not related to me, it prominently features my resources.

Discovering a Secret Tool

As I started to generate some more specific articles inside perplexity I found a secret tool that I want to reveal here now.

My little-known strategy for SEO with Perplexity Pages (midjourney image by author)

After I created the page I went through and I did some more research. I took a quote from my own page and I had perplexity research that and it turned up to bring my page as some of the resources listed.

Then I brought that paragraph up to the top of the research page on perplexity.

Now I can share this out onto social media and while it has all sorts of great content down below that's not related to me it has my stuff right up front.

It has my resources and so now I can go through and do this for a whole bunch more.

Creating and Sharing Pages

After I made the discovery that I could create these pages and then I could have it research my own content and I could put that highlighted up front on these Pages…

( It's really powerful )

… then I created ten different pages using this sequence:

  1. Use the Chat GPT topical authority for SEO.

  2. Get information about my website’s topical authority.

  3. Research these topics in Perplexity to gather generic and specific information.

  4. Build links back to my website.

For example, the "AI Content Creation Tools" page references my article, which is phenomenal.

My cluster of Perplexity AI Pages (screenshot by author)

Using a Spreadsheet for Organization

I created a spreadsheet showing the content title on Perplexity and the page link to each. Now I can share these on social media and work them into an article, referencing my pages.

Exciting Discoveries and Future Potential

Now I have 10 different new pages that are great content that are on the perplexity site that link back to my main website.

What is super exciting is that I was also able to find some references that pulled up:

  • my LinkedIn post

  • my YouTube video

  • my beehiiv article

  • and my Medium article

This example is really powerful because inside this content, I'm linking to a referral program that will make me money on a regular basis if anybody signs up to that tool.

This could be really fantastic!

Authority links from Perplexity Pages (screenshot by author)

I'm really excited about this discovery and super grateful for Julian Goldie SEO for putting out this article on perplexity AI SEO.

Now I have to go back and rewatch his video because I don't know if he discovered how to research your own stuff and create links back to your own content from Perplexity Pages.

An example with Perplexity AI for SEO (midjourney image by author)

Let's go through one more as an example here, ‘AI and email marketing’… let's do that one.

Example: ‘AI and Email Marketing’

So I'm going to create a page start off with the most generic thing ‘AI and email marketing’.

Perplexity AI will go through and pull up a whole bunch of stuff and while it does that I want to go through and find my post where I'm using web Hooks and automations with the Beehiiv newsletter website…

…then I'm going to take this exact title for my post and now that it's finished I will research and sure enough it brings up my website as a source.

Perplexity AI pages for SEO (screenshot by author)

Right up top there.

Absolutely fantastic!

now I can move this up and let's see if is this mine…

there we go so it gives a link to my stuff.

So good. That is so amazing. Absolutely mind-blowing actually.

Perplexity AI Pages - Game Changer for SEO (screenshot by author)

That's it that's all I have to do.

Then I want to keep track of the link that I got from there referenced page, keep them organized in the spreadsheet and there we have it.

Now to finish up this video is a totally unexpected surprise for me to find this and I just had to go through and set up all those links down below and all those articles.

Setting up Topical Keyword Articles on Perplexity AI (midjourney image by author)

I’m go happy to explain everything that I did here and link out to everything and start creating a mini net of Topical Authority Posts.

Join Us Here.

Will This Change My Website Traffic?

We'll see over time does this really change my traffic source on my website because we really do have some base data to look at here.

ai-businessplans search performance (screenshot by author)

This is a major milestone change.

I'll be doing more of it to be sure that every single one of my pages on the website has a link to it from Perplexity ai pages.

I'll also want to see if I can find all my medium articles, especially those medium articles that have like a site map to all my other articles, and be sure that they are also linked to from perplexity pages.

Super exciting stuff.

Thanks again for tuning in to everything.

I want to say a big shout out to Julian Goldie SEO thank you so much for sharing this stuff and now we'll see what the results say.

Here's to your success.

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