How to Transcribe Voice Memo into Text Using AI

10x Your Content - Simple Automation Blueprint That You Can Copy

Today's video will show you how to create an automation that will turn your voice memos from your phone into a to-do list or a blog post automatically.

This system will increase your productivity by making the most of your brainstorm sessions when they happen.

I've used voice notes on my phone for a long time to capture notes like a journal, but most of my good ideas get lost because I never get back to relisten to those voice notes again.

But now I'm going to show you exactly how to take your voice notes and turn them into a to-do list.

Later, we're going to talk about how to modify this to create any kind of content you can imagine.

Speaking voice notes as reminders (midjourney image by author)

At the end of a good productive workday, I like to speak my notes out to my phone and capture sort of what are the next steps in my project.

And then when I'm doing well, I get up in the morning and I listen to those notes and I get right on track and I'm back to action right away.

But many times I get distracted, I'm off to something else, and I never get back and I lose many of those good ideas.

Turning Audio Notes into Various Content Formats

Then recently, I was watching this video by Steven G Pope about how to turn audio notes into videos, images, blogs, tweets, and more using ChatGPT.

It's a super inspiring video, but at the same time, I was overwhelmed by the complexity of the solution that he was demonstrating.

What he demonstrates is amazing, but it's a little beyond my scope.

Yet the idea stuck with me and every time I did another voice memo, I just knew I was missing out on all that power that these AI tools can do for me.

I just needed to sit down, simplify this process, and get it to complete just one task on my behalf.

And now - that's what we have!

Transcribe Voice Memos into Text Automatically with AI (screenshot by author)

It's a simple five-step process, but it took a couple of hours of research before I could actually get this working.

I got to give a big shout-out and thanks to AI Automation Flows channel for the tutorial that he put out just published three weeks ago. It's only got 57 views, but this is a really gold mine tutorial. I left a comment saying thank you, and he replied saying glad it helped. Absolutely fantastic.

So now we've got that included into my flow that we can demonstrate now. Big thanks to AI Automation Flow because this was the step that I was missing that I spent hours trying to get it to work and finally found the answer in his tutorial.

Download This Blueprint and Others

You can download this entire script and all of the scripts that I've put together by joining our community. You get a 7-day free trial and as our membership grows, that fee is going to increase, so jump in there now and grab all of this stuff.

Shameless plug aside, let's jump into this step by step.

Simple Process with Google Drive and Whisper

The very first step is I connected to Google Drive and I created a special voice folder in there.

Make automation to convert voice memos to text (screenshot by author)

So now anytime I record another voice note and I upload it from my phone into this folder, this system will run this automation.

The next step that I was missing is to have this download a file step. The information's all there in the first one, but you have to have this step before the next part will work.

Automating Voice Note Transcription (screenshot by author)

Creating Word-for-Word Transcripts with Whisper

So then I had Whisper map to this file and I just told it to create a word-for-word transcript from the conversation in the recording.

OpenAI Whisper Transcribes Voice Notes (screenshot by author)


And I'm going to improve on that in the next iteration, and we're going to expand that out so that we have a system prompt, an assistant prompt, and we have the user prompt in here as well. I'll talk more about that later.

Then the second command that I've put in here, again it's really super simple, transform the text.

ChatGPT Prompts for Voice Memo transcribing (screenshot by author)

The final step here, again this is the very first skeleton, just got it going last night and we're going to expand out on this and do a router here so that we have many different forms of content created from this one flow.

But for now, it's just telling it to transform this text into a long form standard operating procedure with a point form preview.

Create a text document from voice memos using AI (screenshot by author)

Then we can see over in Google Drive, I have it create a new file that just says the standard operating procedure than the raw text, and it gives me a couple little lines there so that I can identify the start and the end of that file.

Automating the Process for Daily Use

Then all I need to do is record another voice memo, upload it from my phone, and then run this automation.

If this is something that I was doing regularly, I could set this automation to run at midnight.

Then every night before I go to bed, I could have a conversation with myself for tomorrow. “This is what we're going to do, this is what we're going to put together, this is why I want to do it, or any ideas that come up.“

Then I can just upload it to this folder and then I can run these automations to turn the voice memo into text.

Using AI to Recall Good Ideas

One of the ideas that I have is to take all of these old voice recordings I've got, 584 recordings here, and a bunch of them have some fantastic information.

If I could go through this whole process and have these turned into documents, then have ChatGPT review all of the different documents to find common threads in my business plans that I want to do and unique gems that are one-offs that I haven't mentioned anywhere else that I want to capture.

Another thing I want to do is have this capture really good quotable quotes that I could use for tweets.

All sorts of different ways we could reformat this content just from speaking out your ideas to your phone.

Using AI for Human Generated Content

So it's really original human-generated content using AI tools to get it out there and reach your audience with your message.

So now let me demonstrate the automation and convert a voice memo to text in real-time on the live-stream.

I'm going to pull up a recent blog post and I'm going to start speaking to my voice notes on my iphone while I paraphrase the content. After I’m done recording, I’ll upload and run the automation to demonstrate how it works.


I'm going to invite everybody watching this live stream to join us on Monday mornings to make your week matter.

We are putting together a Monday morning Mastermind live stream on our AI Community!

We'll take an AI automation like this simple script and we're going to go through and we're going to increase the complexity and build out new use cases for specific business sectors.

I have a couple that are favorites of mine that I'm going to talk about.

  1. Business sector AI automation for your small business.

  2. I also want to talk about a separate business plan for automating your cryptocurrency content in order to make money talking about trading strategies.

  3. A third niche that I want to work on is meditation and yoga for personal spiritual unity with your future energy that you want to create in the world.

  4. And then a fourth one is just a personal thank you to mine, to my past, where I want to create some AI automated content all around tourism operators. I want to make it specific for the small paddling guide who is taking groups of people on paddling trips to really get in touch with nature.

So those are the niches that I want to use these very same strategies to create an audience and build a revenue stream around so that I can demonstrate that anyone can use these tools to build a revenue stream about whatever your hobby is.

Monetizing Content with AI Tools

Especially if there is something like products that you can sell that are sold on Amazon and you know delivered with Amazon one click purchase.

Because for example, if I am to monetize my meditation and yoga niche, I'll want to create short videos that highlight the benefits of each of the top-selling products on Amazon and then use that video to link back to my referral link of that Amazon product itself.

And those kind of business money-making ideas are the things that I want to be teaching and showing inside the Monday morning Mastermind live streams for those people who have joined the AI business plans community.

Thanks for listening all the way through and I'm going to upload this now, turn this into a text document and demonstrate this.

Stay safe everyone, here's to your success.

-end of recording

Testing the Voice Notes to Text Automation (screenshot by author)

So now I will share this voice note to my google drive folder and test the automation.

  • Then I click on Drive and then I'm going to select the folder and

  • I'm going to save it here and upload.

  • Now it's done and indeed there's a file there.

  • So let's save this and run the scenario.

  • Now it's doing the to-do list in the point form notes and it's,

  • there's the document.

Let's drag it over.

So July the 2nd, the standard operating procedure for the Monday morning Mastermind live streams.

Purpose, identify topics, we're going to develop a script, we're going to open the stream, the main content delivery, content repurposing, community engagement… amazing.

And here is the exact text of what I said.

So I can grab this and have ChatGPT do all sorts of different things to it.

Realizing the Potential of AI Tools

Now I can bring the text from what I just said over to my custom GPT - The Do and Show Article Generator.

It'll take what I just said and paraphrase it into a specific sequence that shows the experience.

It's just astonishing to me.

Just like that, we can speak out more and more different content, reprocess it, and then take this and turn it into a tweet thread in no time and put it out on Twitter.

The Importance of Utilizing AI for Efficiency

And now just to wrap things up, I've got to say that I'm still mind blown by the potential power of all of these AI tools.

But it's really important, not just is this exciting that we can do this, that it's important to do it because your competitors are doing this now.

So that if you've got a team where you are spending $40,000 a year on content development, other people are learning how to automate this with AI tools and they are able to drastically reduce their costs. So they can focus their staff time on working with customers.

Your competitors are really working on their customer relationships more than the content now.

And for me, learning how to take my content into 10x the good that that content does for me by using these AI tools is exciting.

It's just super exciting, like I have an entire team of people working for me now.

I hope this step-by-step tutorial helped you.

I want to say a big thank you again to Steph G Pope and I want to say a big thank you again to AI Automation Flow. You guys made this tutorial possible.

Using AI Tools for Small Business Success (midjourney image by author)

Now what is coming next in this tutorial will be developed by our community and I can't wait to see what you guys do when you get your hands on this and you share what you've done to improve and expand on this idea.

Be safe everyone, and here's to using AI for our own personal success.


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