Which AI Content Made the Most Money

The Business Blan That is So Easy I Can Explain It In 30 Seconds

Good afternoon, everybody. It is June the 10th. My name is Doug.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee.

I'm going to give you the business plan in 30 seconds.

Which AI Content Made The Most Money? (midjourney image by author)

I'm going to report on

  • my subscribers,

  • my YouTube traffic,

  • my Google traffic, and

  • my Medium profile traffic.

There are some really important details to learn about those articles that made the most money.

Then I'm going to go over

  • my monthly recurring revenue from the Whop Marketplace

  • and finally, I'm going to go through a case study project.

I'm going to show you how I'm using the AI tools to take my YouTube videos and turn them into money-making content.

The Controversy of Making Money with AI Assisted Content

I want your opinion on this.

I want you to watch my process and then let me know what you think.

Is this using AI tools to generate content because Medium has a policy that they don't monetize strictly AI-generated content?

But where do you draw the line on that AI-generated content?

Let's go through it today, and I'll get your opinion.

The 30-Second Business Plan

So let's start off with the 30-second business plan.

The money-making plan is so easy
I can explain it in 30 seconds.

I'll go through my stats, and I'll do a live case study at the end to show you how to make money from nothing, just from content, just from your ideas, from your words.

Here's the business plan in 30 seconds:

  • create a livestream video on YouTube,

  • have ChatGPT process that transcript into a blog post,

  • include income streams into that blog post,

  • publish it on Medium for an additional revenue stream,

  • and then publish and share on email and social media.

  • I missed the last one: create a product and sell your own product online that has an affiliate program.

And I'm going to show you all of that in today's YouTube video.

Let's go through it.

YouTube Stats and Content Strategy

My YouTube stats for the last 90 days:

my YouTube Stats

You can see that I'm up 32 subscribers, a nice 430% gain. So, nice gains because it's a brand new channel. You can see I was doing a couple of videos a day here and then a video here, three videos, three videos.

So I'm batching my work as I go through, and now, after a busy weekend of really good stuff, I'm creating this video. Details on my YouTube: I'll pull out more on that as I get more data.

Inside the email newsletter on Beehive, you can see that I've got 38 subscribers here, and I'll go through and talk about the earnings on these ads.

My Beehiiv Newsletter subscribers

So I've got $9.60 from ads now, pretty good. Then I'm doing these boosts that I'm just starting to work with where I made $3.20 from the boosts.

Earnings from Beehiiv Newsletter Ads

Boost Applications and Beehiiv

What I have now is another rejected Boost application, the AI block. Either I'm not big enough, or they don't like what I'm doing for my content.

At any rate, I do have a few people here where I can apply for an email boost, and if they approve, I can put their stuff into an email, send that out, and make some money by boosting their email newsletter.

I still don't have anything set up here for the subscriptions. The last thing I'm doing is promoting Beehive to other people.

If you go through my referral link, you get a 30-day trial and 20% off for 3 months with the paid version, though you can use the free version with up to 2500 subscribers from what I understand. So it's a pretty great system there.

Google Search Traffic and Medium Stats

Next, I want to report on my Google search traffic.

You can see that I'm getting a grand total of five clicks per day.

My google search traffic

It's out there, it's getting something, but it's really not been tuned for the search engines.

With my content, I'm more doing this kind of content that we'll see how that turns out over time, and I'll continue to report on that.

Here are my Medium stats.

My Medium Stats so far in June

Compare that. Look at this: I'm getting 91 reads, 43 reads, and these are the things that are paying money—94 reads instead of five clicks from the search engines. So is search actually dead?

Got to get into a place where people are, and search comes after the fact. We'll see how that goes.

Articles That Earn Money

Now, the thing I want to point out in this part is to scroll down and look at the most recent articles to find where the big earning ones are.

  • Scroll down, and we see that "How to Write Air Articles That Make Money" has made $17.

  • Scroll down, "AI Tools to Build Content and Make Money" has made $16.

  • Scroll down more, "How to Automate Perplexity AI for Passive Income" has made money.

  • Further down yet, there's another one here, "How I Use Perplexity AI to Make Money."

These are really interesting.

  • “The Perplexity AI is the beast.

  • “Once you learn this, you will never watch charts again.

Why Were These Successful?

The thing that's common between these posts is that I really took time to use the "do and show" business style or article structure for those posts.

This article format get reads. People stick through and read the post more than 30 seconds, so that I get earnings from it.

So it's a real change in the way that I used to write articles, and I had to learn that, and I'm still practicing.

I talk more about it inside the course area, and I'll show you in a second.

Building AI Publications

Medium—another couple of seeds that I'm planting on Medium are the publications.

I have two different publications for the AI space that I'm either running or an editor for.

  • There's AI Tools for Writers that now has 46 followers,

  • and there's Learn AI for Profit that has 36 followers.

Each of those is feeders back into this website, where I'm building subscribers.

Sell Your Own Products

Continuing on to the next revenue stream is the WHOP Marketplace.

The monthly recurring revenue is down to $25, although I've had a couple of new people sign up for the 7-day trial in the last couple of days.

Thank you. Great to have you guys along. Hope you like what you're finding inside the additional training.

Seven people have signed up for the $4.95 7-day trial.

There's a bunch of people who signed up when I had it as free access, and the 7-day trial people are more active than all the free access people.

Once we go over 10 people, I'll be bumping it up to $9.95.

Affiliate Program and Revenue Growth

Another part that I want to feature is the affiliate section where you can earn money by referring people to AI-businessplans training area, the course Global Affiliates.

You can earn 60% of the $4.95 a month membership fee that other people are paying if you refer your friends to this community. When it goes up to $9.95, I'll also make that a 60% referral payment so that our community is incentivized to bring their closest friends into the community because you get 60% of their income from referring them and bringing them in.

I'll continue building that out and growing that and learning from others in the system as I'm adding to the course and adding more value into that over time.

Case Study: AI Tools and Medium's Policies

Now I want to finish up this video with the example that might be controversial because maybe I'm doing something with AI tools that Medium doesn't want to monetize.

I want your opinion on this and your feedback to see if this is something that you think is fair or, you know, tell me what you think.

Step 1) - The Video

So let's go to a video I published on another channel, back on June the 7th.

I don't know what content I focused on in June the 7th for this live stream, but what I want to do is get the transcript for the video.

Step 2) - The Transcript

Copy that transcript, and I'm using the Chrome extension made by Glasp.

It grabs the transcript and summary of the YouTube video in a cleaner way than you can get if you just go to the provided YouTube transcript thing. It strips out the timestamps a lot better.

…so I grab this, and I go to my detailed video transcript processor…

Step 3) - Processing with AI

I just paste in the entire transcript and I upload it.

YouTube Transcript Custom GPT

This one I'll probably have to break into pieces; that's too big, but it will do a good job of a whole bunch of it.

So what I do is I load this in, let it go through, and I'll click on continue generating, continue generating, continue generating if I need to.

Access it for free here.

Then I'm going to take a piece of this and put it out onto Medium as a blog post.

Let me get enough of this generated here to show you the next step, right? Rather than doing the whole thing, I'll just grab a piece of it.

You can see that it's taking pretty much the exact verbatim transcript of word for word what I said in the video.

Then it's putting in headlines at important content breaks in the content.

I really like what it does; it's fantastic.

It's stopped generating here, so I'll just leave it for now. I will click on continue generating later so that I can do a full job of this.

Step 4) - Reprocessing Articles with AI

The second step is to go over to my next GPT that I created, the "do and show" article style.

Do and Show GPT

It'll take anything you put in there and convert it into the "do and show" article style.

Try it here.

So I take that transcript as it was, and I paste it in there. It reprocessed the article into a different voice, and I really like it where it's just reorganized the very same thing and featured it really nice.

I really like how this reprocessed the things that I said.

Finalizing and Publishing Content

So what I can do now with this is take it, copy and paste, bring it over to Medium, and write a new article.

Or I could bring this over to my Beehiiv website, as I’ve done here.

Now the real work begins. Once I've pasted this in here, I really want to go through word by word, line by line, sentence by sentence, space this out, and make sure that the flow is exactly saying what I want it to say.

Then I'm going to take the YouTube video itself and embed that into the post.

This system of taking the live stuff, changing the presentation of it so that I am sharing some personal stories and following this "do and show" article style, is more engaging for the reader to follow along with.

So that's the general outline.

There's a lot more detail that goes into editing that post before it goes live.

Seeking Feedback on AI Usage

I'd like to get your feedback.

Using AI Tools to Make Money Online

Do you think my usage of AI tools to process my content this way would be against the Medium rules?

Once I turn this into a blog post and publish it and it starts to earn money, is this something that Medium is going to cancel?

Are they going to take away my membership?

What are they going to do if they view this as AI content?

I'd like to get your feedback on that.

Conclusion and Encouragement

So that wraps it up for this post. It's the "do and show" style where I'm showing you how I'm making money, showing you all of my stats, what my plan is, and I'm giving it to you so that you can follow that same plan for your business, no matter what it is.

  • You could be an outfitter,

  • you could be a local business,

  • you could be a massage therapist.

No matter what your business is, you can create content and earn some different revenue from this.

I think this business plan is particularly good for any kind of tutorial or instruction type of thing that you're doing online, especially if you're teaching people about an AI tool and you're giving step-by-step tutorials.

You can create a live stream on YouTube, have Chat GPT process your YouTube transcript into a blog post, include some revenue streams into that blog post linking back to the tool that you were just describing, publish it, and share it on social media everywhere.

That is a revenue stream, especially if you add another layer to it and you're making that store and selling products on there that have a great referral program that other people can benefit by promoting on your behalf.

Lots to dig in on this stuff.

I hope you guys are as excited about the AI tools as I am. Thanks again for tuning in.

I'll see you on the next video. Here’s to your success.