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How to Quickly Process Your YouTube Video Transcripts

Hello and welcome back. I've already got a most requested video!

People are asking, "How do I take the transcripts from my YouTube video and process them so quickly?"

So, I'm going to show you the trick.

From my most recent video, we can see here I have this Chrome extension by Glasp that lets me get the transcript and summary of a YouTube video in this nice format.

Check out the Glasp Chrome extension here.

I can copy the transcript and then bring it over to my custom GPT.

Detailed Video Transcript Processor

You'll find the Detailed Video Transcript Processor here.

As an example, I’ll process a video I just posted.

All I need to do is paste in that long transcript, and the GPT will go to work.

Keywords to Cash Video to Blog Post example (screenshot by author)

It writes it out the YouTube transcript in almost verbatim; it's really, really good. It just goes through the transcript, and even gets the names pretty close.

You've got to go through afterwards and double-check everything, but it's an amazing way to clean this up and turn it into a blog post format.

Turning Transcripts into Blog Posts Effortlessly

Once content is easy, we can focus on community (midjourney image by author)

At the end of this, when it's done processing everything, it'll give us a YouTube chapter summary that we can copy and paste into the description below our YouTube video.

It's super powerful.

You can see here that we've gone through a good amount of it, but sometimes it doesn't finish at all, and you've got to click on "Continue generating." It continues on and does a really great job.

Sometimes I've had to click on "Continue generating" a couple of times because it's a super long video.

‘Keywords to Cash’ - watch it here.

The video we're processing here is 14 minutes long.

It used to be that the GPT would only handle five minutes at a time before it stopped, and I had to give it five minutes of video transcript at a time.

But now, it does a great job with longer videos as well.

Using GPT for Efficient Video Chapter Summaries

Here we have the timestamps and subheadings that we can copy and paste below our video on YouTube.

Transcript and timestamps are handy (screenshot by author)

Now that I have the timestamps formatted into the chapters and I refresh my video, we can see the timestamps match up now so that people can click on those and quickly go to that section of the video that they want to see.

Create YouTube Chapters Quickly (screenshot by author)

If there's something that you've seen before that you want to go back to, it's easy to navigate to that.

It also brings it up into really great sections down below the video so that you can go exactly to that part of the video that you want to.

Youtube Chapters for easy nav (screenshot by author)

This is super powerful to use the GPT not just to grab the whole content script.

Now I can make a blog post out of this really easily.

Creating Blog Posts and Sharing Them on Medium

I go to my Beehiiv website, paste in the content, and then add in the YouTube video here.

Just grab it and paste it in. Put my video in, and away we go.

After another half an hour of work on formatting this post, I have something really great to send out to my email subscribers.

YouTube Transcript to Blog post (image by author)

That wraps it up for this video.

I hope this short video helps you process your own YouTube videos, make them into blog posts, and then share those blog posts onto Medium where you can turn them into revenue streams.

Thanks again for watching all the way to the end. You are a trooper.

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