AI Business Ideas That Make Money: Step by Step

GenerativeAI Side Hustles and AI Assistants

Let's go over a step-by-step process that's absolutely guaranteed to make you passive income online.

I'm super grateful that my recent article, "Tips from a GPT Champion," has been republished by the generative AI publication over on Medium. These guys have over 4,000 subscribers, and it's a real honor to be published on their publication. Great stuff.

So because I'm published there, I started to go through more of the publications, more of the recent articles, and I read through a bunch. I've picked out four that I think are really worth your time.

At the end of the video, I'm going to give some really specific step-by-step details on how you can make passive income from publishing online, guaranteed.

#4 Article from GenerativeAI

Let's start off with the first article about the impact of artificial intelligence on the creative industries.

A really good overview. I've already used some of these ai tools and created guides on how to create amazing images.

I've used the tools on how to clone yourself and create unique writing and the ai tools to edit video from text to video.

Those are pretty cool too, and I'm looking for more of those tools on how to use AI tools to make music.

I've got some ideas, and I want to play with those.

So, some pretty good general information here.

#3 Article from GenerativeAI

The next article I want to feature is "Three AI Side Hustles for 2024."

Donnie On Demand is correct—Amazon KDP is a good side hustle, and I'll give some specific details at the end of the video when we go down a newsletter is a good idea where you can make money.

I've got some specific details and a way for you to save money by doing something just like Morning Brew did.

Then he goes on to say, "Create a YouTube channel."

I've also got some specific details at the end about how I'm doing this YouTube channel and using AI tools to make all this much more powerful.

Now, there are two more articles that I want to highlight here from GenerativeAI.

#2 Article from GenerativeAI

One is by Jim, who's the creator of GenerativeAI, and this is a really good one because he shows you how to set up Microsoft Autogen Studio.

You might wonder what is that?

Well, it lets you set up your own AI assistant on your computer. So, it goes through the details, and here's an example: just give it the prompt, "Plot a chart of that stock versus that stock and save the results to a file." Boom! Wow, pretty cool.

It goes through the steps: install Python, install Conda, get your API key, good, set up your environment, all right, and then finally, you get down to—there we are. We've got this set up so that you can do something with it.

What I would like to see here are some more specific examples of what you can be doing with these prompts once you get this playground set up on your computer.

Is this worth my time to learn all these extra steps because that would be a little extra for me right now?

Jim, love the article, and if there are viewers who are doing things with this Microsoft Autogen, I would love to see your examples, and I'd like to feature them.

#1 Article from GenerativeAI

Now, the fourth article that I want to feature here from the generative AI publication is this one by Jenny, which is really good.

It's packed with a bunch of useful information, and as I went through and I read through it slowly, there were a couple of things that really stood out for me.

So long as you have a subscription with MidJourney, you get to keep the copyright to the images you've created there, and that's new to me.

I thought that if you created the image, you generated it, you're the artist, it's yours. But no, you've got to keep paying them.

What a good invisible scam I didn't know about with these AI tools.

So, you've got to be really careful and super grateful to have this information from Jenny.

Also, utilizing AI prompts for book cover creation is a game-changer for her.

I've got a couple of books that are not doing anything, and I'm going to try her tips on my books as well.

Fantastic stuff, and this post has some more details.

Jenny is a great one. Be sure to follow.

AI Business Ideas That Make Money

Now, I said at the beginning that I'm going to give you some specific steps about how to do this, and I'm going to show you exactly what I'm doing.

Step ONE

First of all, I'm recording a screen recording of myself just talking my way through these AI tools,

Step TWO

Then you can use the free versions of some of these AI writing tools to help you start writing review articles about partnerships that you can sign up for.


So, you go through all of these tools, and you find the AI tools that are willing to pay you a monthly referral if you sell a membership of theirs, and then you start using the AI tools to write about them.

You can write five articles a day on each of these different tools, and within a month, you will have 25 different revenue streams, 25 different partnerships that you've already set up on your free website.

Now, the kicker is you've got to do it right.

You've got to get the right keywords, and I would recommend that you use tools like Helium 10 in order to research what people are already doing so that you put your video, your content in the right place with the keywords that people are already searching for.


Now, once I'm done with this video, I'm going to do the same thing that I did from the video yesterday, Tips from a GPT Champion.

I'll pull out the transcript from that YouTube video, and then I use ChatGPT. Even GPT-3.5 does a great job. You can just tell it to clean up the transcript, remove the timestamps, and keep the exact wording.


Then you can format that and stick it onto your Beehive website, as I am doing with the content from today’s video.

Save money using my referral link to get started on Beehiiv.

If you click through this link, it goes through the sales price referral link, and you get a discount if you do upgrade to the paid version of Beehive.

But man, you can start off with the free stuff there and go for a long time.

Step SIX

The next part of the juice is to republish that over onto a publication in Medium.

So, I published on GenerativeAI. They have 4,100 subscribers, and I think they're going to explode.

It's a great article place; they've got some really good writers there. Check them out and follow along with these steps to make content for yourself.

I’d Love To Hear Your AI Story

I would love to hear your journey; I would love to be part of your success. Be sure to sign up for the GPT Money eBook for free. I show you a whole bunch more things; there are 300 prompts in there and how to use them.

Thanks again for watching all the way to the end.

We'll see you on the next video.