How to Automate Perplexity AI for Passive Income

Passive Income From Your AI Research Agent

In this very simple example, I automate Perplexity AI with and earn passive income with useful research from public data about corn.

I’ll share the steps that I set up to quickly leverage the unique capabilities of Perplexity AI answer engine.

Passive Income with AI Research into Corn Fundamentals

The passive income involves integrating Perplexity AI with to automate the production of useful, real-time Internet research.

Here's a structured guide on how I achieved this in under an hour:

Don’t Just Delegate, Automate.

If you want to save time manually performing internet research,

If you have no idea how to integrate AI for passive income,

And if you want to have automated content generated for your business,

Then this guide is for you.

Automating with allows you to schedule periodic prompts to ChatGPT and Perplexity AI, which then produces content to match the research results that we are aiming to provide.

Why It’s Amazing

This automation can work for any industry or niche to leverage Perplexity AI's real-time answer engine capability to search for the latest information.

This becomes even more powerful with custom prompts to present the research perspectives in a way that serves your readers.


Without this automation, I had to invest time manually searching for information about the markets I was trading, and most of the time I just relied on chart patterns without the context of fundamentals.


With this automation, I have the latest market news and fundamental information delivered to me in a format that matches my trading approach.

Not only will this save me time and enhance the quality of my trading, but the research will also be worthwhile for subscribers to follow.

Daily Passive Income

Another vital motivation - is the desire to generate an additional passive income that pays out daily.

The information I’ll be automating is centered around the fundamentals that affect the price of agricultural commodities like Corn, Wheat and Soybeans.

The revenue stream will be the promotion of the SimpleFX trading exchange, along with several additional affiliate programs in the cryptocurrency niche.

Here are some stats from daily passive income earlier in 2024.

January 18 2024

January 17 2024

January 16 2024

Starting Basic

If I can get the most simple weekly blog post running, I can adapt and improve.

Step 1: Start by creating a connection between and Perplexity AI, which may involve generating an API key through the Perplexity Account Settings Page.

I purchased the custom Integration

Step 2: Use to schedule periodic prompts or tasks that you want Perplexity AI to perform, such as generating content strategies or conducting specific research

Step 3: Configure the integration to automatically send the prompts to ChatGPT and Perplexity AI and receive the results

Step 4: Directly feed the results from Perplexity AI and ChatGPT into wordpress.

Step 5: Monitor and adjust the automation as needed to ensure it meets your evolving needs, potentially exploring more advanced attributes for better results

How the flow works:

I begin with a prompt for Perplexity AI to research current market fundamentals from official reporting agencies.

Research Prompt for Perplexity AI

Second, I have ChatGPT take the research data from Perplexity AI and rewrite the report into a first-person voice.

An additional call to ChatGPT generates a title for the blog post.

Finally, the basic output is sent in draft form to a self-hosted wordpress site.

At this point in the evolution of the automation sequence, the draft post still requires 30 minutes of processing.

Is The Content Any Good?

Will a large and respected publication
accept content that was generated this way?

Here is an example article that was recently published on DataDrivenInvestor, followed by 64k subscribers:

Custom Research Agent Helps Me Trade Better

It always takes significant time, effort, and resources for any business to keep up with changing market conditions.

Now we can save time with a customized Perplexity AI Research Agent - and we can automate the process for a fraction of the cost of doing the same work on our own.

More than that, with a bit of creativity, we can create truly automated passive income sources by sharing research in an automated blog post.

Can you see yourself using this automation to save time and enhance the quality of your work?

Would you rather save time not doing manual research and just skip to having up-to-date, AI-generated insights?

Imagine if you had the latest information at your fingertips, how much time, money, and stress would you save?

Another Passive Income Guide Added

By following these steps and leveraging the integration between and Perplexity AI, you can automate research tasks with up-to-date information, and perhaps find a way to create a passive income source from simply sharing your research.

This is why I’m so excited to include this automation guide in our GPT Money Course to save you the potential time and resources you would spend figuring this out on your own.

Is it time to learn how to create courses that earn passive income?

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Until next time - Here’s to taking action towards your success!