How I Boosted My Medium Earnings by 64%

One Simple Change That Anyone Can Make

In today's video, I want to talk about a simple change I made to my articles on Medium that changed my earnings by more than 50%.

It also let me make money from a YouTube channel that's not yet monetized, and the AI part is I'm going to show you how to make a GPT that'll do this stuff for you. I'm going to share those GPTs at the end of the video. Let's jump in.

Hello and welcome back, everybody. Thanks for joining me on another video.

Surprising Insights from My Medium Stats

First of all, you can see that the stats here

May shows 2.1k reads and earned $95.

April, we can see 2k reads and earned $58.

That is a 64% increase in earnings with about the same number of Reads.

How I increased Medium Earnings (screenshot by author)

Let’s Dig Into The Data

So now let's go through a few of these and take a look at the stats to see where the earnings came in.

Here's one we'll go through a few now. 529 views, 292 reads for a 55% read ratio, 56% read ratio, 60%, 55%, 50%, 48%, 50%, and 54%, 51%.

The one thing I noticed through all of these is that they were all written in May. All the articles that are highest earning were the ones that were written in May except for one. This one that was written in February has been earning pretty steady, and now it's up to $47.

As I go through and really look at why people are coming back and reading this over time, I start to learn more about which are the articles that are doing better.

It fits perfectly with a big change that I made in my writing style, and I'm going to show you that change.

I'm going to give you the GPT that will help you make that change, and then I'm going to share the other styles of writing that all writers on Medium should be using.

Discovering the Power of Publications and Link Strategies

There was something else I discovered here that I want to share.

As I scroll down to the very bottom of these, I started to find that different publications where I've published my work have republished this article in different places.

You can see the traffic sources coming in from new places.

As those traffic sources come in, this is going to be an important determinant on which of the publications I want to put my main piece onto. Then I want to use the other publications to link back to that main piece.

If you're wondering why I want those link strategies, I did a video earlier with a link to it up above that you can go and see about the linking strategies.

Now, as I go to the next article, "How to Write Articles That Make Money," it's made $12 so far.

The interesting thing for me is to find out the incoming traffic sources so I can send them some links.

It's going to help establish this article as an authority for these keywords. This helps me know where I can add those links to make this article into an authority that's going to keep earning money day by day.

Challenges with Medium's Stats and Finding the Right Publications

The one thing that I don't like about the stats here is that there's no way for me to know which publication I put this onto. As I scroll down, it doesn't give me any data about where it was published, so I had to go to the article, open it up, and find out that it was Generative AI, which has 6.8k people following.

It's a really good one to put your main article and then link to this one from other articles. It'll really help establish this one to make money over a long period of time.

Let's go to a couple more.

This one that's been going along for a while here, you can see that it's got traffic from a number of sources now.

From my own website, other externals, Twitter—oh, that's something I'm not doing any of for right now, and I've got to automate that so I don't spend any time on that because it just sucks up your time.

This one, RSS readers, that's interesting. Scroll to the bottom of this one,,, these are important to know that these are traffic sources.

Detailed Analysis of Traffic and Earnings

Now let's go into the April data and see if there's something we can see about all of these different data sources. They're down to a dollar now, 77 cents, 71 cents, so we're way down there. We can see that we had a 59% read ratio, 51%, 66%, 58%, 54%. So the read ratio isn't all that different. That's a really low one, 39%, even though it made a buck. 54%, 71%, 65%, 59%. So it's not the read ratio that has changed that much. That's interesting for me to know.

Now, as I go through and start to pull up the data for April as a comparison, you can see that a lot of these articles are not just brand new from April as the ones from May were.

Some of the best-earning articles from April were from months prior to that, and those ones were not showing up at all from the top earnings in May.

So I am expecting that June is going to be considerably different, especially with the interlinking that I've done now.

Why My Articles Are Making More Money Now

I'm going to reveal why these articles are making so much more money now in May compared to earlier.

But first, I just want to scroll down here and get an idea. The Insider Finance Wire, Learn AI for Profit, so we're getting some cross traffic there.

Here's one that didn't earn that well in May, but I am backlinking to it now.

The Importance of Using AI and Automating Processes

AI can help automate content. (midjourney image by author)

So Twitter, I got to get Twitter going. This is one that should be showing up here a lot more. I should have that automated so that these are being tweeted out.

They're turned into all sorts of big long tweet things that are just sent out regularly.

Here's one that doesn't have very much traffic from much of anywhere. Oh, okay, this is my own failed marketing project. So here again, we're going to the Generative AI. But when I go into those crypto stats, it's flatline.

That's just not a good place to be writing right now. So this AI stuff is absolutely great.

So I've got to get this stuff out on other people's publications that have the best resources of traffic that they're sending me from their own setups that they have set up already.

So everything that I'm putting out onto some of my own publications, they are getting very little in terms of traffic referred to them.

Valuable Discoveries About Publication Focus

So that's also a really important discovery just by going through all of these.

I hope that's been helpful for you for really knowing the value of which publication you should be focusing your time on for publishing your main article and then the other publications for the articles that link into it.

Why My Articles Are Earning More

Now I'm going to share with you how I changed my articles, and what I'm going to do is go to my bookmarked pages.

I've got Paul Rose on Medium bookmarked, so I can just bring this up and keep track of whatever Paul Rose is doing.

Learning from Successful Writers on Medium

I see that Paul has written another one, "An Income Stream Every Writer Should Probably Have." I probably want to know what this is.

So I'm going to give Paul some love here.

Whatever the system just will give him income or her income from my time on this, getting traffic. There we go. So where do you find traffic? Owned Facebook groups, Reddit, Quora, this 900 subscribers. What about YouTube? Surprised you didn't mention YouTube. YouTube is the beast.

Just something short, and I've already clapped, highlighted, made a comment, spent more than 30 seconds.

Emulating Successful Writing Styles

Paul Rose's profile started out, and it was about 500 followers, and I had about 300 or something.

I don't know. We were in par for a while, and wow, Paul Rose just totally is kicking butt because Paul Rose is writing through a very specific style. 

What I did is I took ChatGPT, and I went through several of different Paul Rose articles, and I said to ChatGPT, "Can you give me a review of the style of this article? What is the layout in the sequence?"

I don't even know the exact prompt I used, but after about five or ten of these articles, I took the review and made that a staple.

Then I trained a GPT so that it will give me an article that is in the format of the do-and-show style of article.

So what Paul Rose's article style is?

Let's see if I get it.

Creating a GPT for Do-and-Show Article Style

How to choose an irresistible topic. Give it another click there.

  • The overall style starts out with sharing a difficulty,

  • talking about how the strategy works, and

  • my proven formula step-by-step:

  •   one, write them all out;

  •  two, how to do it specifics;

  • screenshot exactly stuff that Paul Rose is actually doing.

This is the kicker.

You set up a thing where you say, I'm going to write an article next week that says “I did this for seven days and here's the results."

This style of article gets readership because people want to know how to do it.

What exactly did you get as results? and can I just follow this article, stay here for the afternoon, follow it step-by-step, and by the end of the afternoon or maybe even a weekend, I would have an asset for myself that matches what Paul Rose is doing.

These styles of articles, the do-and-show style of articles, are really fantastic.

Step-by-Step Formula for Writing Do-and-Show Articles

So you start off with the struggle, you start off with that you also felt this struggle, you didn't give up, this is how you found the solution, and how you felt when you found the solution.

Here is my proven formula, step-by-step: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Then you do the call to action: how would your life be if you had this in place? You dream, "Wow, that'd be great."

What if you kept doing it the old way? You would get all the old results, wouldn't that? "I don't want that. Here is something you can do to make a difference."

Then there's a link to read something else or follow up to what is next.

Everything else becomes passive. The all-in-one Notion ebook planner, this is fantastic. It's a number of revenue streams built into this ebook here.

Even if you don't purchase the ebook, it's really fantastic, super smart.

Follow Paul Rose and go through, and as you're writing your article, just come here and scroll down randomly, way down, and just sort of make your titles similar. How can you take your article and get a similar vibe from these short little titles that Paul Rose does?

They are fantastic, and that'll help get you a lot of click-throughs.

Doing the show, the do-and-show style is going to get you a lot more reads.

Examples and Reprocessing Content

I want to do two quick examples.

Access my custom GPT here.

AI is here to help. (midjourney image by author)

First of all, I'm going to do just a sentence. I'm going to say,

"I used to hate the dentist, but now I'm okay,"

and we'll see what it writes out for a do-and-show article.

Then I'm going to show you how I take my own article and reprocess it so that I can make more different articles off my own content.

So let's do this one.

So I used to hate the dentist, but I'm better now. (read the resulting document here)

This Custom GPT go through the whole do-and-show article style almost no matter what you put into this GPT.

There's a link to the GPT, so you can just grab this and use this.

Here’s what the GPT will do for you:

It will go through the same routine for you.

  • It'll give you the introduction,

  • the initial attempts and failed and frustrations,

  • the first failed attempt, you almost gave up,

  • I left feeling disappointed and more anxious than ever,

  • but I was determined not to give up.

  • I searched for a solution, I found the problem, I was looking to transition to the strategy,

  • tips for achieving the goal. So there's your 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 different steps,

  • the conclusion and call to action,

So it'll turn almost anything into an article.

Turning Transcripts into Blog Posts

Now let's take a look at what I do for my own article.

After I've produced a video and I've had the GPT take the transcript and turn it into a blog post for me.

Then I like to take this blog post and do the whole detail.

This is so I take the whole thing and I go over to my do-and-show article, and I will have my stuff rewritten into this whole format.

So I've taken my own story, and then I rewrite it into a different format that I can now republish onto a different publication and link back to my own articles.

So now I have a pretty quick way to take that 4,000-word article and break it down into something a little bit smaller that I could take and I could write onto another post into Medium.

Boosting Traffic with Interlinked Articles

So now I can take this and I can post it over onto Medium and title story, and now after some processing, I would have the opportunity to link back to my main article here.

I could go and grab this article that has been published over on, what is that, Blog Bites publication.

I can preprocess the original post into three or four different articles…

I can send it out onto a number of different publications, all linking back to this one, and really start focusing and get this one to get a lot of traffic.

Final Thoughts and Call to Action

Well, there's another really long video that goes through all the inside details.

I hope you guys are loving it.

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