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My Reddit Traffic Experiment

When I saw the headline that I could unlock massive traffic from Reddit, I was sceptical but I just had to look, and I'm glad I did.

In this video, I will show you the AI automation that I’ve just set up to tap into reddit to gain exposure and to boost my revenue.


Let's dive into the two brand new ai automations I’m using to tap into subreddits and drive traffic and make money.

Social Media Before Automation

As a freelancer for decades, I helped small business owner finding cost-effective ways to gain traffic and leads from their website.

It didn’t matter if my client was in manufacturing, if they were a tennis instructor, if they sold epoxy resin, if they provided Reiki readings, or guided fishing trips, all of these small business owners needed help with content for their website and social media.

Every business owner is facing the same challenges, how to consistently generate engaging content and interact, meaningfully online without spending countless hours doing it

I've had success recently with automating LinkedIn and Twitter and was really excited about the potential to now go and automate Reddit with similar strategies.

I was researching make automations on YouTube and I came across a fantastic headline and as I watched the tutorial video, I became very excited.

Excited but Skeptical

A video by Earnings Circuit AI on generating traffic from Reddit caught my attention. Watch it here.

There were two automations that were super exciting for me. But I’ve been skeptical about using Reddit for traffic.

In fact, I’ve had a Reddit account since 2013 and I rarely post there because I’ve always found the moderation to be a little too… zealous so I just stayed away from Reddit.

But this new strategy changes my opinion and here is why:

This first automation was similar to the strategies I had already automated with Twitter and LinkedIn, and I learned an additional trick to track the work that the automations have done.

And the second automation was something I hadn’t even expected that I could do

I’ll talk about that second automation in a moment but check this out first:

How Does Reddit Help For YouTube SEO?

The first automation is important for helping with YouTube search engine optimization.

Check out what the free Chrome extension for TubeBuddy shows me: 

Tubebuddy screenshot by author

If I want my YouTube videos to perform better on YouTube, I need to be sure they are shared on Reddit and Facebook.

1.) Build Your Own Subreddit

The first automation became important to me when I realized i could create my own subReddit on Reddit. 

I instantly understood it would help my YouTube search rankings because I could ensure that I have one up vote on Reddit for each of my videos. 

I have already automated similar processes for LinkedIn and Twitter so this new blueprint was exciting.

Expand the reach of your existing content by creating your own subreddit focused on your niche, like I’ve just set up for /r/aibusinessplans.

Use AI Automations to generate content from your existing blog content and fill your subreddit with valuable content that links to your website.

Post your content to your own sub reddit (screenshot by author)

  1. Post Regularly: Use AI generators to produce posts that link back to your blog, fostering engagement within your subreddit.

  2. Optimize for SEO: Capture interesting keywords to improve your Google rankings and drive organic traffic.

Organize Your Content Assets

Prepare to fill your sub Reddit by organizing your content into a spreadsheet.

The automation will post the approved articles and it will update the spreadsheet so we can track which content has been posted.

Organize Videos and Blog Posts and prepare to share (screenshot by author)

Automatically share your content on Reddit (screenshot by author)

Prepare The ChatGPT Prompts

The System Prompt sets the stage, the Assistant Prompt provides example layouts for the content to be generated, and the User Prompt executes the command sequence for each individual article.


System Prompt is simple (screenshot by author)


Assistant Prompt is very long, download below (screenshot by author)

User Prompt:

ChatGPT Prompt creates the formatted post (screenshot by author)

The Assistant Prompt is long, but you can just find the best examples of LinkedIn format posts and use those layouts as examples to train your AI.

The Make Automation posts to your branded SubReddit (screenshot by author)

The Results?

A very nicely formatted summary of each of my blog posts is now being trickle posted to my sub reddit!

Excited about my branded SubReddit (screenshot by author)

The Huge benefit that will pay off for a very long time - are the links to my content from each post:

Read the post here.

Article summary on my own sub-reddit (screenshot by author)

Currently I’m having my blog posts and YouTube Vids posted. Once they are complete, I’ll run the process through on all of my articles that are posted on my Medium profile.

Now we have this first automation in place.

This is really powerful for every different small business website out there. Many web designers will build a business website, but the website is like an orphan on the internet.

There are no other links to that website anywhere, and it's also like a dead end where the website doesn't link out to anything.

So it has no social connections in the world, and the only way to get traffic to that type of website is to buy traffic, so that you're always paying for traffic to get stuff to your website.

But by using these automations and making sure that your website is linked on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn, then your website is no longer orphaned and it can begin to generate organic traffic.

2.) Automate Comments

The next stage now in overcoming the orphan and dead-end scenario that many websites have, is to start interacting inside the social platforms themselves.

We can do this manually by commenting on the posts in LinkedIn inside the groups, by commenting on other people's tweets that are really popular, and also to comment on the top Reddit comments.

In the original tutorial video, they collected up the comments and then they made a blog post about that comment. Then they replied on Reddit so that they linked back to their blog post, which is really genius.

In my own automation, I'm going to do a little bit more simple.

I'm going to collect up those hot topics, review them, and choose which ones I want the AI to respond to.

Then I'm just going to respond with really helpful general conversational comments that don't have any links or any sales purpose at all.

All just to build a relationship and to build my reputation inside Reddit.

I want to track my comment karma and my post karma as I'm going through and automating my comment replies.

This is the measurement that I want to watch, not the traffic back to my website initially.

First of all, I want people to know, like, and trust this profile.

If they do, they'll click through to my subreddit, find some of those articles, and start building the relationship and coming into my funnel on their own.

Here is a screenshot of my Reddit profile so I can track the Post Karma and Comment Karma over time.

Use AI to Identify and Reply to Hot Topics

First, target a popular subreddit like r/chatgpt, which boasts 6 million members. Extract the top trending topics and log them into a Google Sheet for tracking.

Use the following strategy:

  1. Capture Data: Capture the comment title and link ID, author, and comment body and other data for each hot topic.

  2. Review and Approve: This automation still requires a human step to approve the articles you wish to comment on. This step is crucial for responding with short helpful, valuable answers to relevant comments.

  3. Automate Responses: Utilize automation to space out your replies to these threads. This method can generate dozens of high quality reply opportunities every morning, and drip feed your replies through the day.

Why Comment With AI?

Our goal is to build the earliest stages of a trusting relationship with people who frequent these Reddit communities.

Our strategy is to post helpful, non-sales comments that do not include a link to anything.

These kind of comments really are power, yet they take a lot of personal time, attention and thought in order to actually reply in such a way that it’s helpful.

Maybe you have started to get busy and active on Social Media because you’ve heard that engagement is as important as creating content - only to spend countless hours and getting minimal results from the time invested.

I’ve started many social media accounts with great intentions, only to be unable to keep it going along with making videos, blog posts, courses and more…

But now…

AI can actually read the comment that I’ve approved for reply, and the AI generates a very insightful response.

At first I was a little dumb-struck.  

My ego was a little insulted that AI was replying so well.

It took me a while.

Content Planning Before AI

And I had to consider my decade of experience in Web Design Freelance work…

I used to charge a business owner thousands of dollars to get their social media set up and share their website pages and blog content on the socials.

It was a big job to set everything up correctly and then write and post 80 tweets, 80 Linkedin posts and 80 subreddit posts.

It was a separate part of the contract to schedule dedicated staff time to create fresh social media content in advance of sales promotions.

What used to cost thousands to set up and several hundred per month to maintain, now can be set up in a weekend and run by automations (that do a better job) for a fraction of the cost.

Of course, I have to test it out.

I Like The Theory - Now For The Proof

1 of 2) Collect the Hot Topics

Starting small, I’m having the automation pull in a couple of the hot posts. This can be set to pull the top 20 the top 100 or more.

The Array aggregator will step through as many as you direct, and place the data into spreadsheet rows.

Scrape the Hot Topics from top subreddits (screenshot by author)

Select the Hot Topics, set your limit. (screenshot by author)

Select the fields of data to collect

The Array Aggregator can be set to include many data points. Review the data field options and select those you might find helpful.

Direct the data into the columns in your spreadsheet. (screen shots by author)

2 of 2). Automating The Replies

Once the first automation has run, the spreadsheet will be filled with new entries that are all marked ‘Pending’.

This stage requires human review to select the comments you want the AI to reply to throughout the day.

The first automation can be triggered manually when the editor has time to review the 'Pending’ comments.

The second automation can be programmed to run on intervals automatically through the day. This will space out the timing of comments posted by your Reddit profile so the automations go unnoticed.

Your Clone Replies On Your Behalf

Make automation for Reddit

Select from the approved list (screenshot by author)

Have ChatGPT read the comment title and body and craft a reply.

Post the reply under the correct Topic in the SubReddit (screenshot by author)

The automation will load the Google Sheet with the captured topics and use an automation tool to post responses.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Run Automation: The system fetches the comment title, the comment body and link ID, posts your response, and marks the task as completed. Repeat this process systematically to cover all identified topics.

  2. Monitor Engagement: Navigate to the hot topics and verify that your responses are visible. Engage with users who interact with your comments, providing additional value and linking back to your site.

The Experiment is Running

Automate posts and comment on Reddit (screenshot by author)

We are set up now with this experiment to see how this does for our Reddit profile over the next several days.

All of these articles will be posted out, and then I'll set up the next block of articles to go as well.

We'll continue to see them just slowly being populated here onto Reddit.

I'll probably do a tweet thread of all of these different Reddit posts a little bit later and start to cluster and cross-promote all of this different content.

Conclusion and Community Invitation

I hope this tutorial was helpful.

If you want to get this make blueprint, you can get it for free and all the other make blueprints that I have by joining the 7-day trial on our community.

Stay safe, everyone. Here's to your success.

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