Finding The Best ChatGPT Plugins and Avoiding Scammy Ones

➜ Warning Flags: Keep Your Data and Money Safe

Learning Everything About ChatGPT (image by author)

I’ve been binge-watching HOURS of the recent top YouTube tutorials on the best ChatGPT plugins out there and then I’m boiling down the huge list to the most important productivity tools that I want to work with first.

It is INSANE - but what I found also needs a WARNING.

New Insane ChatGPT Tips and Plugins (screenshot by author)

This was super exciting as watched the videos, yet as I get down to creating the tutorials on the ai wonders that were highlighted with a 20-second video clip, it wasn’t as easy - nor as trustworthy - as I was expecting.

I can’t consider these the best of the best list because

I got stalled.

WARNING: important ethical, security, and MONEY considerations 

that I just have to address before I do the next few issues of this newsletter.

ChatGPT’s First PowerTool

I’m seeking power tools that will help me take the next steps in my bid to create a long-lasting passive income stream online.

These ChatGPT plugins don’t just save time, they give me superhuman power to do work I simply could not do on my own before!

Before we get into the Plugins, if you haven’t set up Custom Instructions take the ‘clone yourself tutorial’ and then make the most of the step-by-step plans below.

Artificial Intelligence is the Dawn of a New Era for Mankind.

This is a demographic trend that is driven by value and the most famous player is the language model known as ChatGPT.

AI tools provide in-your-hands value that we can see and appreciate in our daily routines - and where those artificial intelligence tools connect with Blockchain, we have an interface where savvy investors are watching for passive income opportunities.

We are about to witness unexpectable changes where artificial intelligence and blockchain technology will become a vital core of our business and society from now and into the future.

ChatGPT, Claude, Bard, and other AI Chat tools have sparked the imagination of genius programmers and some amazing developments are now beginning to surface.

What are ChatGPT Plugins?

ChatGPT plugins are like extensions or apps that can added to the core ai ChatGPT to give it new capacities.

ChatGPT plugins can supercharge the base artificial intelligence and make it even better by using API’s to integrate data from every source possible.

You install them just as you might install a browser extension and turn them on and off when you need them. Once we get the hang of it, we can use multiple ChatGPT plugins at the same time.

So get ready to follow along and take action! Let's get started.

Five Steps to Verify New ChatGPT Plug-ins:

Before I’m going to install a plugin, I have a few steps to complete. And it’s a good thing too, as you’ll read below.

  1. Find the Plug-in: First, I want to find the plug-in.

  2. Generate a Description: I will visit the website for the plugin and have ChatGPT write me a new description of this plug-in from their product descriptions.

  3. LinkedIn Research: Then, I will look on LinkedIn and X, for connections. I want to find the company profile and the employees who are working there. I want to follow and connect with them.

    This is an opportunity to find out more about the company and to build my network while I see if their business plan gives me an opportunity to make money as an affiliate.
    My focus is on verifying the authenticity of the plugin and its source. Does it look like it's from a reputable developer or platform? Can I find indicators of trust?

  4. Gather Information: Before I install the plug-in, I learn more about it. I've found great-sounding plug-ins that don't qualify because I can't find anything about them on LinkedIn. There's no way I'm going to give permission to these unknown applications.

  5. Find User Reviews: I pay close attention to user reviews and ratings on trustworthy platforms like app stores or social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit. Both positive and negative reviews can help me understand user experiences and potential issues.

  6. Examine Permissions: What permissions does the plugin request during installation? I’m cautious if a plugin requests excessive access to data.

Lazy and Fools Rush In

  1. Dummy Account: Before installing the plugin and giving access to your primary business systems, set up a controlled or sandbox environment to test it. It is an extra step to create a separate user account for testing, but consider this:

➤➤ Security Considerations of ChatGPT Plugins: 

Think closely before you allow any of these new Chat GPT plug-ins to have access to your Google documents and your email.

Do you have any passwords saved in your email or in your documents?

Do you have any private keys for your cryptocurrency wallet stored in an email or document?

As soon as you click "OK" on that permission button, the ai has already scanned everything and the transfers from your wallets may have already started.

Have you suddenly started getting mysterious text verification codes to change your passwords? You may have been compromised.

This is why I've moved most of my cryptocurrency onto my Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet device so that several steps are required to initiate a transaction from any of my wallets.

Ledger Hardware Wallet.

The private key has never left the hardware device, so there is no way for these applications can access my Gmail and gain permission to transfer the cryptocurrency I have on my ledger device.

I really want this first tool to work - but it will take a few steps. Let’s follow along.

Gmail Plugin: Your Personal Email Assistant

  • What it Does: Transforms your email experience. From decluttering your inbox to crafting the perfect email, it's got your back.

  • Why it's Awesome: No more drowning in emails!

Declutter Your Inbox!

Number Four on my list is the Gmail plugin. You don't have to be overwhelmed by the bucketloads of emails you receive daily. With the Gmail plugin, you get a personal email manager. This plugin will handle everything from decluttering your inbox to drafting the perfect professional email.

Does It Really Work?

I gave up on my email inbox a long time ago. I don’t delete anything.

You could say it’s a form of ‘learned helplessness’ where I’ve just surrendered and I don’t bother cleaning up the mess. It seems too big and tedious.

Here’s How

I applied for access.

Do some tire-kicking while on the wait list (image by author)

Great to see I’ll be able to connect Google Drive and Notion AI - very keen to watch 

But - before I could connect things… I hit a snag so I moved on to the next step.

Might have been a glitch (screenshot by author)

We bring you the earliest access to these new tools! Could be a bug so I continued to learn more about the project.

SID ai Business Page on LinkedIn has over 550 followers and 4 employees.

I’ll send them each a connection request… found their twitter and noticed the same person connecting both social profiles. I’ll follow there as well.

Why so much follow-up on this tool?

This tool would be a dream if the only capacity it had was to intelligently review, clean up, and prioritize my incoming email.

But this will do much more.

That wraps it up for today’s newsletter.

I've been diving deep into YouTube tutorials on the latest ChatGPT plugins, eager to boost my productivity.

While watching, I got super excited about the possibilities these plugins offer.

However, as I started researching them for my newsletter, I realized it's not as straightforward as I thought. Ethical, security, and financial concerns cropped up, so I need to address those before diving in.

I'm on a mission to find power tools that can help me create a passive income stream online. These ChatGPT plugins seem like they could be game-changers, giving me the ability to do tasks I couldn't do alone.

Before I get into the plugins, I want to make sure I'm taking the right steps.

I've outlined five key steps for verifying new ChatGPT plugins. First, I need to find the plugin. Then, I generate a description, research the developers on LinkedIn, gather information, and check user reviews. Trust is crucial here, so I want to ensure the plugin and its source are reputable.

Security is a top priority for me.

I've set up a separate account for testing before installing any plugins to my main systems. I also caution against giving plugins access to sensitive information like my email or documents.

I also recommend moving cryptocurrency to a hardware wallet like Ledger.

The one ChatGPT plugin that caught my eye, I found successful verifications to move ahead my studies - was

While I’m treating it as my Gmail plugin, promising to declutter my inbox and enhance my email experience, I know it can do very much more.

I'm intrigued and to learn more, I'm reaching out to the developers via LinkedIn and Twitter.

In a nutshell, I'm excited about ChatGPT plugins but know I need to approach them cautiously, with security and trust as my top concerns.

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