How to Build Revenue with AI Tools

Behind the scenes look at making money with artificial intelligence

Building Multiple Revenue Streams with AI and Automations: My Journey

Hey everyone! Doug here. Today, I'm excited to take you behind the scenes of my latest project where I'm building multiple revenue streams using AI automations.

Today, I'm going to cover:

  1. The content assets I've created.

  2. How I'm generating revenue from them.

  3. The strategies I'm using on platforms like

  4. How you can replicate these steps to build your own income streams.

Initial Attempts and Frustrations

I remember my early attempts vividly. Diving headfirst into AI tools without a clear strategy led to countless hours of frustration.

I spent days experimenting with different automation tools, hoping to unlock the secret to effortless income.

My initial attempts were met with little success, and the skepticism I felt seemed justified at the time.

Was it really possible to create sustainable revenue streams with AI?

The problem wasn't the tools themselves but my approach. I was trying to do it all on my own, learning the hard way that without a proper strategy, even the most advanced technology can fall flat.

This realization was a turning point.

I needed to model a proven approach, leveraging tools and insights from those who had already paved the way.

Exploring Different Options

Creating new revenue streams with ai tools (midjourney image by author)

I began researching various methods to create sustainable revenue streams. It was clear that modeling a proven strategy was key.

I discovered the "Do and Show" writing style, which emphasizes sharing real-life experiences and lessons. This approach resonated with me as it combined smart work with the potential for long-term success.

My exploration led me to three powerful content assets that I could use as a base to generate multiple revenue streams using high quality AI generated content like you are reading now:

  1. a Beehiiv Newsletter,

  2., and

  3. The Whop Marketplace.

Each of these platforms offer us a unique opportunity to leverage AI content and automation to make money for our own personal gain.

The Beehive Website

My first major project was creating a Beehiiv Newsletter website dedicated to teaching people about AI tools.

The website became a hub for my content, and I started experimenting with monetization through ads and subscriptions.

The initial setup required effort, and I’ll continue to report on my earnings over time.

To reach a wider audience, I repurposed the content from my Beehive website and published it on

This platform not only extended my reach but also provided an additional revenue stream through the Medium Partner Program.

The combination of these two platforms created a synergistic effect, boosting my visibility and income simultaneously.

The Whop Marketplace

Inspired by the success of my website and Medium articles, I decided to create a course and sell it through The Whop Marketplace.

This platform allowed me to offer a membership area where users could access the course materials, a book I had written, and a private Discord group.

This repository of tutorials, and supportive community, is a space where members can learn, share, and grow together.

By following my journey, you can start building your own revenue streams as an affiliate marketer for top AI tools. 

The AI Business Plans Newsletter

Building on this momentum, I launched the AI Business Plans newsletter. My goal is to put these AI tools into practical use and document the process.

This community-focused initiative provided subscribers with a mind map of prompts I use and a tool chest showcasing various AI tools with revenue streams.

Here are my next steps:

  1. Apply AI automations to real-world tasks.

  2. Create educational content based on my experiences.

  3. Build a community around these tutorials.

The newsletter not only fostered a sense of community but also became another revenue stream, proving that sharing knowledge could be both fulfilling and profitable.


Passive income with Ai and automations (midjourney image by author)

To learn these skills, I'm essentially creating my own "university" where I research, apply, and teach AI automation techniques.

By joining this journey, you'll get access to valuable insights, and we'll grow together as a community. 

For those looking to achieve similar success, I encourage you to explore your unique talents and experiences.

Leverage AI tools and proven strategies to build multiple revenue streams.

The potential is immense, and with dedication and the right approach, you can transform your financial landscape just as I did.

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