My 3 Steps to Make Money With Free Content

Simple Butterfly Effects to Help You Go Viral

Howdy and welcome back, everybody! Doug here from AI Business Plans, and today I'm super excited to share two valuable lessons with you.

The first one is a special report on our business plan and income strategy.

The second lesson focuses on the the Butterfly Effect of free content to help you go viral.

Let’s break it down step by step.

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Create Valuable Free Training

The first step in this journey is creating training that solves a specific problem for your audience.

For instance, I’ve developed a done-for-you mind map that not only helps you understand AI Business Plans but also opens up multiple revenue streams.

This special report, available in our membership area, comes with:

  • My Plan To Make Money: Follow along step by step to learn the business plan and the income plan for the ai-businessplans project.

  • Mind Map: It includes the Action Chest, Prompt Chest, Plan Chest, and Tool Chest. Each chest is a treasure trove of information, from where to publish on Medium to powerful ChatGPT prompts and much more.

You can access this training and mind map for free by signing up for a 7-day trial. If that's all you need, you can cancel anytime.

Special Report with Mindmap (screenshot by author)

Why Special Training/Trial Membership Offer Works:

A new strategy for making money (midjourney image by author)

Here’s why this approach works:

  • Overcome Resistance: Offering a 7-day free trial to access this special report helps build relationships with potential long-term members.

  • Immediate Value: The report answers questions raised in our training, highlighting AI products in demand with free trials that offer monthly referral income.

  • Measurable Results: By following the steps I’ve outlined, you’re setting yourself up for future income from this special report.

Prepare For Butterflies In Advance (midjourney image by author)

Go Viral With Butterfly Effect in Action

There are two major ways this can pay off:

  1. Small Butterfly Affiliate Income: When readers follow through referral links in the report, it can result in ongoing referral income as they subscribe to recommended tools and resources.

  2. BIG Butterfly Referral Program: Our store on the WHOP Marketplace has a built-in referral program with a 60% referral fee. This incentivizes readers, especially those with large audiences, to promote our offerings.

Imagine an influencer with 10,000 followers joining your trial and realizing they can earn $6 per month for each person they refer. If they get just 10 people to sign up, that’s over $700 a year from one email promotion!

How to Start the Butterfly Effect

To kickstart this process:

  • Create a Special Report: Invite your audience to sign up for the 7-day trial to access the time-limited report. Emphasize how this report solves a problem they’ve faced for a while.

  • Highlight Long-term Benefits: Explain how following the report can yield long-term benefits and encourage reflection on how long they’ve needed this solution.

Viral Marketing You Can’t Ignore

Offering a 7-day free trial lowers the resistance to joining your community. This approach can significantly increase your membership conversions, but the real magic is in the butterfly effect:

  • Referral Links: Adding referral links to your report can generate unexpected income long into the future.

  • Partnerships: The biggest butterfly effect comes from potential partnerships with industry leaders who have large audiences.

Build The BIGGEST Butterfly Effect

To attract this BIGGEST Butterfly Effect, ensure your report can go viral with these three steps:

  1. Provides Monetary Benefits: Offer an affiliate program so others can make money promoting your report.

  2. Is Easy to Share: Include a ready-made link inside the Marketplace.

  3. Is Trustworthy: Use a third party to manage membership fees, ensuring everyone gets paid their share.

By organizing your report this way with your own store on Whop, you create a clear, actionable plan that highlights the key steps and benefits, ultimately driving growth faster than you could on your own.

7 Day Trial - by author

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