I'm Making $373 Monthly Selling on Whop

And It's Crazy How I Started This Side Hustle

When I first started exploring ways to generate passive income online, I was overwhelmed by the number of options and so many easy ways to make money.

I tried so many approaches, only to face tiny progress, and big frustration at every turn.

After so little results the skepticism of my critics was starting to get to me.

Then I discovered a platform that integrates with all the tools I’m using, step-by-step guidance, an affiliate program built in, and I soon began to see money.

And boy does that feel good!

It feels good to make money from nothing (midjourney image by author)

This Used To Be So Much More WORK!

In the past, I hosted my crypto course on my WordPress website, but with WordPress I was always working on updates, themes and plugin issues.

I manually granted members access to spreadsheets, Discord and other apps.

Looking back, I called it ‘a labor of love’.

To think of running a course like again would be a nightmare!

It was a tangled mess is what is was!

And to think how it’s been so easy to get everything connected with Whop… I shutter to recall how I used to do things.

Two Whop Stores Are So EASY!

Here are screenshots of their current earnings as of June 29/24.

$34.65 MRR - ai-businessplans

My newest and most exciting store on Whop (screenshot by author)

$338.41 MRR - digitalcurrencytraders

My Crypto course moved from wordpress to whop. (screenshot by author)

Combined, these two shops are making $373 per month in reoccurring income.

‘Not enough to retire on’, you might quip, and that’s true for now.

But this is the ‘Do and Show’ business model where I’m building in pubic in order to show that you can do the exact same thing - you can use these free tools and AI Automations for your business no matter what industry you are in.

You really can start out with nothing, plant a seed with your effort, and grow.

Growth is Life

Don’t Fear AI - Learn To Automate It (midjourney image by author)

The GPT Money course on my Whop.com/ai-businessplans is by far the most exciting project I have ever been a part of.

We are directly focused on two things:

  1. AI Automations, Training and Support

  2. Venture Partner Collaborations that Make Money

The AI Automations save you a measurable amount of time every day. AI automations provide predictable results and returns, when you implement them.

And Collaborations with other content creators can be the catalyst to unknown and unpredictable growth for all the partners involved!

Earning More vs Worth More

You may notice in the screenshots above, my small crypto course is earning a higher monthly income, but I’m not as excited about it…

hahaha - The crypto course is earning almost 10x the income! 
(sorry, I had to point it out)

The crypto course is great - yet by it’s very nature, trading crypto can never provide predictable returns on your money or your time. So I still keep up the crypto hobby, but crypto is nothing compared to AI.

The More Useful Growth and Life

🔔 I’m excited because the AI Automations Courses, Workflows and Blueprints are useful for absolutely every sector of Small Business, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise Corporation - everywhere, all at the same time.

This creates a massive window of opportunity for educators who fill the massive void in the knowledge gap.

People are getting in a panic about AI.

We can teach how to implement AI Tools to automate tasks to save time and make money - but mastering these AI Automations may be the golden ticket in surviving the scary future where AI is replacing so many jobs.

Run The AI Machine With No-Code

Welcome to ‘The World of GPT MONEY’ by ai-businessplans!

Here, we create simple progressive ai automations that allow our members to take small steps, feel a sense of achievement, and stay connected to their dreams and plans.

These AI automations have transformed my approach to social media and content creation which have directly resulted in growing my income…

And I believe these AI Tools can do the same for you.

It Wasn’t Always Fun

I remember the days when I was struggling. I worked HARD.

I jumped from one "sure-fire" money making idea to another, each time ending up just a little more disheartened.

I tried everything from Substack, Etsy, Skool, Gumroad and my own Wordpress website, but nothing seemed to stick.

The constant setbacks made me doubt if sustainable passive income was even possible.

To make matters worse, I started watching the successful growth of other creators with a feeling of envy and resentment. (Saying that was difficult to share, actually.)

It was during this dark phase that I stumbled upon Whop, and this was luck because I was pretty bitter at the time.

I can’t even remember who referred me because I was so depressed.

But even in that state of mind, I could see this setup offered a unique combination of training, community support, and integration tools.

Jump Forward A Few Weeks

Now I’m LOVING those successful creators who share their path to success! I’m collecting them as my most treasured Mentors!

I got massively busy, and wow!

Now I’m set up and I’m really excited and honored to be hosting GPT Money, the AI-BusinessPlans course, community and mastermind on the Whop Marketplace.

The BEST Feeling Education EVER

The 7-Day Free Trial sets us apart as a community to help beginners start up from nothing, and build totally self-made income using free tools online.

This kind of self-made money feels SO good - you just gotta try this feeling!

Making money online really does feel better. (midjourney image by author)

With access to our courses and blueprints for free, everyone can test out the platform and see if our lessons are the right fit - without any risk.

The transparency and open-door policy makes our training available for anyone.

We believe this approach opens doors to those who are truly needing the extra income from an online side hustle.

Building a Community of Success

One of the most significant aspects of hosting your course and community on Whop is the option to connect private Discord and Telegram communities.

Inside our Discord, we strive to build high levels of engagement to learn what members need for measurable steps forward in their projects.

Then we create AI Automation Tutorials that solve our members need!

For example, during our livestream training events, we take one of our YouTube tutorials and build or adapt it together in real-time.

Our first weekly Monday Mastermind (screenshot by author)

This collaborative effort not only enhances learning but also strengthens bonds within the community.

It's in these sessions that the magic happens, where personal connections can lead to venture partner deals and collaborations—connections that can be priceless.

We are intentionally fostering Joint Venture introductions between members who may also be Whop Store owners.

We call this the 'Napoleon Hill Style Mastermind Group' approach and it is drawn from The Law of Success in Sixteen Principles, by Napoleon Hill (on amazon)

We organize the community through interactive Monday morning live streams, with support activities throughout the week, inviting everyone to work together towards personal success in their projects.

Unlocking AI's Powerful Features

When people join our community - we want the experience to be incredibly simple and rewarding.

Should you also create your own store on Whop, even your competitors can become your partners.

You can easily create a referral link from any store or category in the Marketplace by appending your Whop Username.

Whop provides Affiliates, Promo Codes - and your Collabs.

Whop Marketplace Built-in Partnerships (screenshot by author)

What Are Collabs?

This powerful feature, Collaborations, is a big driver behind our training events, where we teach members how to maximize their earning potential.

📢 The built-in Join Venture aspect of Collaborations cannot be overstated.

By fostering a supportive environment in our community, we are helping members build lasting relationships and money making collaborations that are crucial for achieving personal financial success and true freedom.

The connections made here are intentional, designed to deliberately create Butterfly Effects that propel members towards their financial goals.

Embracing the Whop Strategy

Reflecting on my journey, the turning point came when I decided to try both Skool and Whop side by side.

The winner was clear, and I made the choice to fully immerse myself in the Whop community and follow its strategies.

Initially, like many others trying to make money online, I faced a lot of frustration from working hard on systems that promised, but didn’t deliver.

However, my journey on Whop has been very different, I quickly began to see small progress.

This small progress is massively significant and I’m so excited to screenshot all the beginning stages of this project!

Start a Whop Store - Build AI Automations to market it (midjourney image by author)

A Call to Action

If you're tired of trying and failing with passive income ideas, I encourage you to give our GPT Money Course a try.

With our 7-Day Free Trial, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Join our community, participate in our live streams, and start building connections that could lead to your next big venture.

Stick around only if you like what you are learning!

Our platform is designed to help you achieve personal success, if this path is right for you.

Take the first step today and see how the GPT Money Course and Community might transform your approach to making money online with a Whop Store promoted by AI Tools, AI Agents, Automated AI Workflows, Automated Social Media… and more…

Connect on YouTube, X (twitter), and Linkedin — 

Be safe and make small steps forward every day.


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