Build a Passive Income Cycle with AI Content

Follow This Cycle to Make Money as a Content Creator

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In this video, I'm going to draw out the flowchart of my business plan to Make Money as a Content Creator.

I'm going to start off by drawing some arrows and then I will put in the details of what each of these arrows actually means.

For my own part, I'm going to be creating everything around a product on the Whop Marketplace.

All of the effort is focused on producing a really good product that helps people solve a problem.

Part of the way I'm introducing people to that is to create videos on YouTube. Then I take that video and I turn it into a blog post on my Beehiiv website.

Then I take that Beehiiv blog post and I republish it over onto a Medium publication.

Then from the Medium publication, I will make sure that it's out on Twitter and then over onto LinkedIn.

And then we start the whole cycle again by looking for research ideas, by looking for partner promotions that we can do and different stories that we can do that turn into video.

Sometimes we just turn them directly into a blog post.

Where Is The Passive Income?

Money from Beehiiv

The Beehiiv website helps by helping us make ad revenue by making boost revenue. We can have an email list here up to 2,500 people for free which is awesome.

That helps us with our SEO which brings more people back to the website which could drive people to our social media and our products.

Money from YouTube

So, again, the video could also drive people directly into our product for direct income, and eventually, the YouTube Channel may become monetized and start making money.

Money from Medium

We come down to the Medium publication where we earn by Reads, Claps, Highlights and Comments. The publication itself is going to have its own social that we can interact with. This will help us grow the number of people who see our articles so that we make more money as a writer on Medium.

Money from Referral Earnings

Each of the blog posts and videos contain affiliate links to some of my favorite AI tools for content creators. If visitors click through the links and buy the services, I’ll make a small income at no cost to them.

Money from Whop

All traffic sources offer the 7 Day Free Trial of our course and community on Whop! The journey to making money online takes many stages and we seek to build a long term Mastermind center to help our members flourish!

Twitter, LinkedIn and Socials

We have our Twitter where we can make tweet threads and bring more people back to grow our Twitter.

We can have different tweet ideas coming into our Twitter as well and different article ideas coming into our Medium Publications outside of the video ideas.

So, the Medium publication can bring people to our product.

Twitter can bring people to our product.

And LinkedIn also has a lot of power because we have the groups on LinkedIn and those can help us grow our following as well on LinkedIn which will also bring people into our product.

From Content To Customer

Of course, we would like to have these people become customers and ultimately we would like to see these customers become partners with our referral program so they could help bring more people into our product as well.

We're looking for

  • partners from our Medium publication,

  • partners from our LinkedIn publication,

  • partners from our Beehiiv publication and

  • partners from our Twitter publication

  • and Collaborators from within the Whop Marketplace

Those partners are the big juice that can really help us grow our product and our service to our customers really, really fast.

In order to have all of these wheels working, we need to have content that people are actually looking for and is going to be helpful for them.

This is where the research comes in.

One of the most important vectors of our research are our customers. 

As our customers come in, we're focused on giving them surveys so that we can learn more about what they're looking for in the tutorials.

From that research, we can create new video tutorials and help everybody learn and make more money from your whole system as well.

Out to you! What are your thoughts? (midjourney image by author)

What Did I Miss?

I hope this video about my plan on how to make money as a content creator was helpful for you and I would love to hear your questions.

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