The Hidden Benefit of Selling on Whop

The Ideal Fusion of Content, Community, and Collaboration

I remember the first time I heard about Whop. I was skeptical, I’ll admit it.

You see, I’ve tried so many platforms and programs, each promises to be the magic bullet for my online business, but none quite delivered.

It felt like I was always one step behind, missing out on some secret that successful creators seemed to know.

Little did I know, Whop was about to change everything for me.

Things are looking up! (midjourney image by author)

Let's start with the obvious:

Starting your store on Whop allows you to create and sell digital products, communities, courses and more. This in itself is a fantastic opportunity.

You can design a course on a topic you're passionate about, connect communities and apps, and sell it to an audience that's eager to learn.

But it doesn't stop there.

Whop also has a referral program, which means that other people can promote your course and earn money themselves.

This feature is excellent for expanding your reach and tapping into new networks.

But the real game-changer?

Whop has a little-known ‘Collaboration Section’.

Here, creators can organize joint venture promotions, promoting each other's communities and products.

Imagine partnering with established creators, sharing audiences, and experiencing dramatic growth together.

This is the kind of advantage that often flies under the radar, but its impact can be profound.

I Host Two Whop Communities

When I first started exploring Whop, I was excited but cautious. I decided to create free courses and test the waters.

The process was straightforward, and the platform's user-friendly interface made it easy to set everything up. (I compare Whop with Skool here.)

To my surprise, I started seeing enrollments almost immediately.

The referral program added another layer of excitement, as my students began spreading the word, and I’m so excited to see them earn money too.

My Affiliates are earning money (screenshot by author)

The Turning Point For Me

My commitment to building my community on the Whop Marketplace really took off when I realized the massive potential of their collaboration feature.

I am preparing now to work with creators whose work I admire, and at the same time, building a space called the Monday Live Stream Mastermind where Whop Store Owners can connect and promote each other's courses and communities.

Inspired By Example

The education provided inside the WHOP referral program is invaluable.

Whop Affiliate Support Zone (screenshot by author)

Look how few people even KNOW about this amazing training center:

Almost no-one knows about this (screenshot by author)

Check out these two examples from early promoters:

How I made $10,000 (screenshot by author)

How I made over $25,000 (screenshot by author)

These two examples inside the Whop Affiliates support area are just a couple of the resources that our community will turn into SOP’s, and we’ll test them out.

Are these detailed articles solid gold
for anyone who takes action?

Let’s see if we can start our free store on Whop and re-create their successful steps by modeling these successful promoters!

But let's rewind a bit.

Before I became so excited about Whop, my past decade of online business had been quite frustrating.

I hosted my courses on my WordPress websites and I created all my content manually. I created videos, then blog posts, then social media - every day.

With WordPress, I was always working on updates, themes and plugin issues.

I manually granted members access to spreadsheets, Discord and other apps.

Looking back, I called it ‘a labor of love’.
But to think of running a course like again would be a nightmare!

It was a tangled mess is what is was!

The struggle was real. Each Wordpress update took time from my business and I was putting out rushed content that was low quality.

I had poured my heart into a course, only to see minimal engagement and just enough sales that it wasn’t a failure, but it wasn’t a success.

The frustration was affecting other areas of my life.

I was ready to throw in the towel a few different times, convinced that maybe online business wasn't for me.

But the desire to succeed kept me going.

I could see others being successful and I was determined to model their approach.

Exploring different options, I realized the importance of finding the right niche and modeling a proven approach.

I sought out tools, mentors, and resources that could guide me.

For a long time I was trying different platforms. I tried Etsy and Amazon (overloaded), Gumroad, Medium and Substack (till they lost twitter).

It wasn't until I directly compared Skool vs Whop and saw how creators can support each other with Collaborations that my ideas began to change.

This led me to Whop, where the business model resonated deeply.

Content, Community, Collaboration

Whop emphasizes leveraging content, community, collaborating with others.

Reflecting on my journey to make money online, I see how my struggles might be very similar to many others.

The constant grind of producing content for blogs and social media, without seeing results - truly is disheartening.

I know that feeling well.

But what if there was a way to work smarter, not harder? In a group, not alone?

Automate your Content and focus on Collaborations (midjourney image by author)

What if you automated your content and social media, and spend your time collaborating with others, using a platform designed to foster such partnerships?

That's where Ai-BusinessPlans comes in.

We provide AI Automation strategies that not only helps you create content for your blog and social media, so you can sell courses but we also connect you with other creators for joint promotions.

The ‘Collaborations’ component of the Whop Marketplace has been a game-changer for how AI-BusinessPlans is organized.

This isn’t my first experience with joint venture partnerships.

I’ve seen firsthand the difference that The Butterfly Effect has made in my business, transforming one of my early projects into a thriving, collaborative community.

This is why I’m so excited to build my community of creators.

The potential for growth and success is immense if you're willing to embrace collaboration and set up the AI Tools available.

By following a proven content automation strategy and working with others, I believe you can create value in your niche and achieve your goals too!

Here are some steps to get started:

  1. Create a Course: Identify a topic you're passionate about and design a course around it. Use Whop's user-friendly interface to set it up.

  2. Leverage the Referral Program: Encourage your course members to promote your course. This will help expand your reach and tap into new networks.

  3. Engage in Collaborations: Reach out to other creators. Organize joint promotions to promote each other's courses and communities. This can lead to dramatic growth and increased engagement.

In conclusion, Whop's collaboration feature is a powerful tool that has transformed the approach in our Ai Automations Course community.

By Joining Us and following our courses, you will learn to create AI Agents, AI generated Content, Automated social media and how to Start on Whop.

By leveraging the referral program for ai-businessplans community, you can earn up to 60% monthly,

…and engaging in our community to build connection and collaborations, you may also experience dramatic growth and success that you simply can never achieve through your own efforts!

Don't let these advantages pass you by.

Dive in, explore the possibilities, and see the difference it can make for you.


or to participate.