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Follow This Six Step Process

Hello and welcome or welcome back everybody. My name is Doug from AI Business Plans.

Grab yourself a coffee because in this video I'm going to take you through my workflow that I'm setting myself up to do this afternoon, so I thought I would make a video about it.

  1. We're going to talk about the authority website keywords,

  2. how to use Machined AI to create an SEO cluster,

  3. how to set up a free newsletter website on Beehiiv,

  4. use ChatGPT to do some storification of our content,

  5. and then publish our stuff over to our own dedicated Medium publication.

  6. Finally, we'll do some social media automations to get all of this information out there.

So there's a lot of steps, but it all works together in a flow.

Step One of Six

Finding the Right Keywords for Your Website

Let's start off here with the first step of finding the authority keywords that your website needs in order to be an authority in your niche.

I follow Hamish Davison on YouTube because of his SEO teachings and how to use the automations and AI to write SEO content that ranks well and gets you lots of traffic.

Use the Topical Authority for SEO GPT Generator here.

screenshot by author

He's got this tool where you can just write in your niche, and it'll give you the whole set of topical keywords that you should have on your website to rank for.

This is an important place to start off with.

Do your research, put in your niche here, and ask it to dig deeper.

I'm just going to be really simple right off the top: AI tools.

He'll do 20 pillar pages that we should be covering for sub-niches. Once it's gone through all this, I can ask it to give me more detail on each of these different 20 niches, and it'll really expand out what I should be doing for all of these. Once I get this, I love it. It's excellent.

Step Two of Six

Creating Keyword Clusters with Machined AI

Once I get all of these keywords, then I can bring those keywords over into Machined AI and have it create a cluster for me.

  • I created these and then I went through and I posted them onto my website.

  • I did a little bit of marketing, and I want to go through and do a second group.

I want to compare the two SEO Clusters.

In the first group, I had a very specific person who was writing these articles, and I think this worked better for the way the content came out in the article.

In the second cluster of articles, I was more generic, just giving it a much wider, broader range to focus on for my audience.

The second thing you'll notice here is that I've chosen very low competition keywords because what I did here was to focus on the product that I wanted to sell.

I want to sell memberships to, so I wanted to have keywords that were focused all around

Step Three of Six

Publishing and Optimizing Content

We can see right off the bat that I could have done a better job before I started creating these clusters.

I could have done a better job with finding the keyword phrases that I should be targeting. But I'll continue to do that over time, and I'll track it out and journal it.

So what I'm doing today now is I've taken a couple of these articles, brought them over to my Beehiiv website, AI-BusinessPlans, and published a couple of these.

I went through, processed, and did the work to get this all formatted correctly, and then published them onto the website.

Examples of Machined AI Content (screenshot by author)

These ones right here were published just about an hour ago: "Making Money Online with AI Tools" and another similar article.

The great thing about Machined AI is it processed all of the information. I gave it five of my own blog posts to draw from as it rewrote the content, so it really focused down to give me some fantastic information about my own content.

It rewrote it in a great way.

Step Four of Six

Storifying Your Content for Greater Reach

What I found is that Machined AI breaks up the content into nice packages that I can now go and reprocess and link back to this post from a dedicated publication on Medium.

Just as a recap, if I had done the keywords correctly, I would have gotten more searched-for keywords for my SEO cluster and then published them onto my newsletter website.

Inside these articles from Machined AI, they're huge, they're monstrous like 4,000-word articles, and there are several sections in those articles.

I want to pull out a specific section, storify this, and then republish this onto my own dedicated publication on Medium.

Here's an article, and I just want to scroll down between the bars that I used here to mark things out: strategies for AI-driven revenue, building sustainable revenue.

Then I created images, added a title, and linked to other blog posts of mine that are earning centers from within this Machined AI-generated content.

As I scroll down, we can see all the keyword phrases that are built into this:

  • making money with online platforms,

  • passive income,

  • making money with community engagement,

  • long-term success with AI,

  • my journey to passive income.

  • Strategies for AI-driven content.

Supercharging Your Content with AI

Content is automated - Community is King in 2024 (midjourney image by author)

Let's take this: "Strategies for AI-driven content. Supercharge your content with AI" all the way down to here.

We're just going to copy that content.

Now I'm going to storify that by going to my Do and Show article GPT.

I created this one, and I have another video that talks about how I created this so that you can get some ideas about that.

What it does is it takes any content you put in here and rewrites it into the Do and Show article style.

It's really great for taking my own stuff and then rewriting it into this new style because I can follow along, I know what it's talking about, and I can quickly edit this into a format that's going to be reposted.

So here we have it: "How I Supercharged My Income," and I can post this as a new story over on Medium.

Then I can have a subheading here, make this into a subheading subtitle, copy and paste the article into place, and finally, I want to go through and edit this so that it's going to post back to the original post I wrote this for.

Then I have to go through and actually read through this, take the time to correct the layout and formatting, and do a few adjustments on the content.

Then I want to go into Discord, get MidJourney to create an original image for this article.

Creating Visuals and Finalizing Posts

I want to finish off with my call to action for all my social media down below. So let's see what we have for images here. I like it.

I like the community feel of it, and that she isn't looking directly at the guy. I like the number four here as well because it's not implying that it's a personal relationship. It's more of a crowd social thing. He's admiring her, she's looking at somebody else.

MidJourney image created by author

That's the kind of picture that I would like to have, and I'll just drag this into my story right at the top for that emotional feel and then the caption that I put in there.

Of course, I'll say MidJourney image created by author.

So now I can put a couple of different revenue streams in here. I want to have my referral link for the Beehiiv newsletter, my referral link to start selling on the Whop Marketplace, and my referral link for

I'll include another couple of links back to the main article.

Step Five of Six

Scheduling and Promoting Your Content

Now I've just finished formatting the post, and at the very end, I leave the same ending for all of these posts that link to YouTube, LinkedIn, and the website where people can join up.

It also links to the two main dedicated publications that I run or I'm an editor for as well.

So there we have it: "How I Supercharged My Income." Now what I'm going to do is add this to the publication "AI Tools for Writers" because I'm the editor there.

So I'm going to submit this, not going to send an email to my subscribers, and I'm not going to pay all this.

So now I'm going to do really generic writing making money. I submit it to the publication, which is my own, and when I hit publish, I will send an email to the subscribers of the publication.

But I'm going to schedule this for a little later this afternoon just to show the scheduling.

So I will hit schedule, and then as I come back to AI Tools for Writers and I go into stories, I can go into the scheduled section and see that I have one of the stories scheduled now to go out in two hours.

Building a Deep Web of Links

Repurpose your content to create backlinks (midjourney image by author)

Repeat The Process

Now the next step of my journey is to go back to my website and take this next section and whatever is in it:

  • long-term success with AI, sure.

  • The Beehiiv newsletter for more tips, all good stuff.

Now I'm going back to my Do and Show article, and I'm going to get a new one.

So I'll take this section of that Machined AI-generated search engine-friendly content that was created really based on my own content because of the way I set it up.

Now I can have my content repurposed yet again, linking back to this main post from my own publication.

What I'm planning to do is link to these scheduled articles from a keystone article that is published on a large publication.

So I'm creating a very deep web of links back through my content, back to my main website, so that I'm going to focus on the product that is going to pay me monthly income for anybody who signs up and uses their system.

Monetizing Your Content with

All of this is based on my idea to focus on as an income source. So you can go and join up on and use a thousand actions per month for free.

That's huge.

If you're going over a thousand actions per month, there's something valuable there for you.

As you upgrade, I get a percentage of your fee for as long as you're using the product, maybe a year or something like that. So this has the potential to be a good revenue stream for me over the long term.

  1. I can take this AI tool,

  2. have it write SEO content based on my videos,

  3. republish it into these long posts,

  4. break those down, and reformat them into a story,

  5. creating this monstrous web of links

  6. that drives everything back to subscribers to the free membership.

Step Six of Six

Automating Social Media Notifications

To wrap everything up, we can use with an automation that will send out a notification to the social media profiles when the article is released.

Here is a very simple automation that watches the RSS feed.

RSS to Linkedin Social Media Automation (screenshot by author)

When a new article is published, it will write a notification and send it out onto

So now we have the whole thing set up.

How to make money with ai tools (midjourney image by author)

Building The 6 Step Pyramid of Success

 First of all, we got to know which product we want to promote, something that is an affiliate program that pays us monthly.

 Then we're going to do the authority keyword research.

➀ ➁  We're going to use Machined AI to create the SEO cluster so that we can post those onto our Beehiiv newsletter website.

➀ ➁ ➂  Once it's posted there, we want to cement that onto the search engines by having different articles linking to it from authority websites. If we can storify our content, then link back to ourselves, awesome.

➀ ➁ ➂ ➃  We can schedule that to drip out onto our dedicated Medium publication,

➀ ➁ ➂ ➃ ➄ and then our automation will send that out to social media.

All of this is a big experiment to go from absolutely zero to whatever is next in my earnings for

make earnings snapshot June 2024 (image by author)

I'm super happy to do this video right at the start and to show you my whole process, my reasoning, what my goals are, where I am at the start, and to answer any of your questions that you have about doing something like this for your niche, no matter what it is.

We come to the end of another monster long ai tutorial videos.

I hope you found this helpful.

You are a trooper for watching right to the end. You know the routine: hit the thumbs-up button so more people find this video, subscribe if you like the content, and join our community down below.

When you see the big picture of the long-term goal, then the little steps to get there seem a lot more believable.

Here's to your success.