Three Steps to Passive Income with Perplexity AI

Build New Passive Income Streams with Perplexity AI

If you want to save time and leverage AI to build a passive income, then Perplexity AI and this Three-Step Plan might be just what you’re looking for.

Hello and welcome back, my name is Doug from AI-BusinessPlans, and I’ve got a couple of articles on perplexity AI recently, and I want to feature this article on Why Perplexity AI is The Beast For Creating Courses.

So in this video, I’m going to show you

  • how I came about this,

  • the tools I used to create it,

  • the secret sauce that makes this all possible.

Let’s start off by answering the question:

What is perplexity AI?

It’s kind of like chat GPT, but it’s an answer engine, not a search engine.

But for our purpose, we’re going to talk about how it streamlines the content creation process, lets us make courses and tutorials really easily, and I’ll show you at the end how this post is an actual example.

If you’re a content creator, you definitely want to use tools like this.

These tools provide massive value for Content creators.

Think of it, before now we had to do a lot of research and have personal knowledge in order to create a course.

Instructors would draw on their knowledge and their extensive research in their personal collection of data, but they would always run the risk of being behind the curve and inadvertently providing irrelevant or outdated information.

This method of preparing a course leads to a significant drain on time and resources, but it also erodes the trust of the students when they are getting outdated information.

But now, content creators can use perplexity AI and they can create content quickly with up-to-date reliable information,

and they can receive assistance with lesson planning, which greatly improves the educational experience.

And at the end of the post, I’ll show you how to customize the perplexity AI with some personal instructions, and I’ll combine that with some really cool stuff that I just learned over at the Skool games launch, some powerful stuff all put together here.

No matter if you are

starting for free and launching courses on the Whop Marketplace 
or you’re paying $99 per month for creating a community on Skool,

you can save hours of time by:

  1. Start using perplexity AI to create materials for your course.

  2. Perplexity AI can help you define the scope of your course.

  3. It’ll quickly gather the information and create the content for you.

  4. Then you can start to edit and refine it, and

  5. Perplexity AI also provides you with all the sources so that you can double-check the content in your course.

Ask yourself, can you see yourself using perplexity AI to create some engaging informative tutorials really easily?

Would you rather save time by using an AI assistant for all the research and content creation instead of using the traditional time-consuming method?

Imagine if you could develop courses that consistently resonate with your audience.

How much more impactful will your teaching be?

Personal Lessons Learned

Well, as I’m using perplexity AI myself, I’m reflecting on how I spent years writing some original educational content, and now with perplexity AI, I’ve been able to reorganize and refresh my course in a fraction of the time.

This stuff is really exciting for me to share with other content creators, and of course, the next step for me is to create a tutorial on exactly how I customize this format of the perplexity AI output.

So for my own part, there were two keys to it.

The First Key

The first key was over here on the school games, and I learned this from Arman Shaffy who posted this 13 days ago in the monetizing section.

And what he provided here was the structure that Alex Hormozy used in his live webinars.

So he gave the structure in seven different steps.

The Second Key

What I did is I took this structure and I gave it to the custom instructions in perplexity AI.

I clicked on settings and then I clicked on profile.

And what I did is I just copied and pasted this in.

I said please frame answers to questions in the following long-form content.

So all I did was copy and paste that very same seven-step formula into the profile section in perplexity AI, and I told it to answer my questions using this format. And in moments, it gave me the draft outline of this post.

Making Money With Perplexity Assisted Content

Now to monetize that article.

I created a post on my website.

Then the second step of monetizing was to import that article from my website into a publication that I created over on Medium

So now I have 22 people following me on medium here as well.

Finally, I will format and I’ll post this video onto my YouTube site, and I’ll take the transcript of that and I’ll create yet another blog post that links out to everything else that I’ve done for this story. (this post you are reading)

The Big Value

And the whole bottom of the funnel is this new community that I have set up for us to learn about creating passive income with chat GPT and other AI tools. 

This is a no-spam community with courses and guides for $4.95 a month, and we have a 60% recurring referral program if you want to invite your friends. 

And that wraps it up for today’s video. Thanks for tuning in.

My name is Doug, and this is ai-businessplans where

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