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On my second day of Twitter, I created an automation that will tweet out all of my prior blog posts. In today's video, I'm going to give you that blueprint and show you how to set it up.

In today's video, I'll show you how to set up this simple automation that will save you hours of time every week.

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Day 1 and Day 2

On my first day of Twitter, I researched how to grow a Twitter following and created a plan of action for myself.

Then, on the second day, I automated the most basic content.

Check out this post that it fired for me this morning while I was making coffee.

So let's walk through step-by-step how to set up this automation, then you can grab the blueprint and adjust it for your own business.

The Four-Stage Plan for a New Twitter Account

Yesterday, as I created my four-stage plan for starting a new Twitter account, it included the setup, learning, creating content, and engaging. (read it here.)

My initial research identified that creating content and engaging with others on Twitter are two separate and really important aspects of growing a Twitter following and getting results from it.

I want to get some good content in place, and then I'll shift to focusing on engagement.

Now, because I'm starting out with a brand new Twitter account, the first phase is to tweet out all the prior content that I've done.

The second phase involves getting into a more timely content stream, which I'll share below.

My first objective with a brand new Twitter account is to ensure all my prior content has been tweeted out without taking time away from my current work.

Automating Blog Posts with

Here's how I automated that task:

  • I created a Google spreadsheet with a title and a link to each of my blog posts.

  • Then, I created a automation that iterates through all the rows of my spreadsheet. It passes this information along to a GPT for a completion that creates a tweet in the format I want, and

  • then it tweets that out.

I have it scheduled to run once each day.

This automatic blog tweet strategy will begin with my less important blog posts. Then, I'll use a second deeper strategy for my keystone blog posts and tutorial videos.

Time to boil down the best guides on creating an AI powered Twitter Bot that will help me Start X (Twitter) From Scratch.

First I want to draw together Step-by-Step SOP’s from the top tutorial videos on YouTube so I can find the best practices and collect up some unique tips that will help ensure I’m successful.

Setting Up the Automation

Let's go through the process of setting up this automation. I watched several different videos on YouTube and pulled out their standard operating procedures using ChatGPT. I took the transcripts of their videos, brought them over to ChatGPT, and asked for a standard operating procedure from these transcripts.

I did this for several different videos and started to stack them together into a simple enough process for me to follow.

This simple strategy works great, later, we’ll expand and make it more fancy.

The Twitter Bot Plan

This SOP outlines the step-by-step process for building a Twitter bot that generates and posts tweets automatically using and the ChatGPT API.


  • Create a Twitter bot that sequentially take your own content, generates a tweet, and posts it.

  • Use to connect Twitter with ChatGPT.

  • Integrate ChatGPT API for generating tweet content.


  • An account on

  • Google Sheets.

  • Access to the ChatGPT API.

  • A Twitter Developer account.

Step 1: Setting Up For Success

  1. Create a Make Account:

    • Go to and sign up for a free account. The free plan provides 1,000 operations per month, which is sufficient for posting up to 100s of tweets per month.

    • After signing in, navigate to the dashboard. This is where you will create and manage your workflows (called "scenarios").

  2. Add ChatGPT API:

    • Click Add and select OpenAI > Create a Completion.

    • Connect your OpenAI account by entering your API key and organization ID from the OpenAI platform.

    • Set the model to GPT-4 Turbo.

  3. Add Twitter Module:

    • Click Add and select Twitter > Create a Tweet.

    • Connect your Twitter account by entering your client ID and client secret from the Twitter Developer portal.

    • Set the content to the output from the ChatGPT API.

    • Ensure the OAuth 2.0 connection is properly set up. You may need to generate new keys and tokens from your Twitter Developer account.

    • Important steps in the Make Documentation.

Step 2: Creating The New Scenarios on Make

  1. Import the Scenario Blueprint:

    • download the script and then import into

Scenario: Tweeting Out Your Content

Setting Up Google Sheets Trigger

  1. Create a Google Sheets:

  • Create a Google Sheet with a column named "News Link" to store URLs of recent articles.

For the task of creating a spreadsheet of all my prior content, I found my website XML sitemap, I copied and pasted everything into ChatGPT and told it to create a table with Date, Title and URL.

I copied and pasted that table into Google Docs.

Screenshot of Google Sheet by author

  • Add Google Sheets Module:

    • In, click the plus button and select Google Sheets.

    • Choose the "Watch New Row" trigger to activate the automation when a new link is added to the sheet.

    • Select the specific sheet and worksheet, and set the limit to 1.

  • Set Scheduling:

    • Change the scheduling settings to run every day at a specific time (e.g., 8:00 AM).

Setup Make to watch for new rows in google sheets (screenshot by author)

Generating The Posts

System Role

As a digital marketing specialist, create a 210 character Twitter post about the following article. Ensure the content is a little clickbait and includes an inspirational message. Do not use emojis and no hashtags. 

(screenshot by author)

Assistant Role

sample format:

once sentence stating the objective achieved in the blog post

- highlight one
- highlight two

slightly clickbait leading sentence to create curiosity

link to post

(screenshot by author)

User Role

As a digital marketing specialist, create a 210 character Twitter post about the following article. Ensure the content is a little clickbait and includes an inspirational message. Do not use emojis and no hashtags. 

(screenshot by author)

  1. Later we can add a Router:

    • Add a router to handle multiple actions (we could include LinkedIn and others).

Sample Prompt for LinkedIn

Act as a social media manager and generate a LinkedIn post. The post should engage the audience with a compelling introduction, provide essential details, encourage interaction through likes, comments, and shares, and include a clear call to action. Here’s a summary of the article: [Article Summary].

This automated system will help maintain an active presence on multiple social media platforms by posting relevant and engaging content daily with minimal manual effort.

Long-Term Automation Strategy

Now that we have this automation running every day, it will slowly tweet out some content from my blog.

It will take about three months to go through all the content I want to post. After that, I'll have it run through the sequence again, spaced out over almost a year, posting once per day.

Creating Engaging and In-Depth Content

The basic strategy is to catch up on your content with a new Twitter account.

Our system allows for up to five posts per day and the system also suggests one to three in-depth posts to build credibility and authority.

I want to build this in-depth content around some of the tutorials I've already created.

Plan to tweet all your prior content (midjourney image by author)

For the second part of what I did on day two, I went over to ChatGPT, searched through custom GPTs dealing with Twitter, and tried to find a good tweet thread tool.

Not finding what I needed, I decided that I need to create one.

I stopped my work on that stage of content and let the automation handle basic content tweets.

I'm planning to create a custom GPT that will turn YouTube scripts into a seven-tweet thread, formatted as I want.

This will be made public, so be sure to subscribe for updates.

Engagement Strategy

Planning the engagement strategy (screenshot by author)

Now, I want to focus on engagement. (Full strategy here.)

I will create engagement lists, put them on private, and start following and engaging with relevant authors.

I'll follow these authors on YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms, slowly building connections and learning from them.

There was a specific GPT that brought out something powerful that I can't wait to use, but I have a few steps to complete before getting there.

Advanced Twitter Search Tool

I plan to use the advanced Twitter search tool to find all conferences dealing with artificial intelligence.

The goal is to connect with influencers, make my brand visible at these events, and find potential business partnerships.

Conferences and Events

Connecting to Real World Events via Twitter (midjourney image by author)

Finally, I’ll share a strategy that I am preparing to add on later.

I want to find conferences and events in my topic area and follow their hashtags for the events for three reasons:

  1. I want to start to learn who the influencers who are attending these different conferences.

  2. I want to have my brand name to be seen by the audience of these events without me traveling there.

  3. And I want to find potential business partnerships that my turn into one of the butterfly effects I mention in my video:

Here’s what I’m researching:

I’ll use the ‘Advanced Twitter Search GPT

Connecting With Influencers The Right Way

Being authentic creates connections that matter. (midjourney image by author)

These large creators have a lot of followers who often engage in inauthentic engagements with their content, that is essentially spam for attention rather than actual interaction.

So as I find these influencers, I want to slowly connect up with them on different platforms, lurk for a while, and genuinely get to know their work.

I will slowly build a relationship that in time could turn into one of those Butterfly Effects that can dramatically grow my own project through a reference from a large influencer.

Finding Income Opportunities

Part of my goal in researching the active participants in the conferences is to find The Cutting Edge Ai Tools and software models that are providing a 20% recurring revenue commission for sales referrals.

Those are the products that I want to learn more about and perhaps do a tutorial series surrounding their information products or their AI tools.

Keeping the Big Picture in Mind

I finish off the video by taking a screenshot of my current two followers. 

Starting from scratch with a clear vision of the bigger end goals in mind is crucial.

Conclusion and Call to Action

I've got two followers now and yet while my Twitter account really is starting out from scratch

I've got to keep these bigger end goals in mind while I'm putting together each of the individual pieces.

It's like having a picture of the puzzle that you're creating while you're going through all the pieces of the puzzle to put it all together.

And if I can can keep that completed picture of the puzzle in my mind as I'm doing these daily tasks to get everything set up then it doesn't feel that bad it's not that boring it's not that difficult because I can feel the success of all of these things coming true while I'm doing these small tasks.

I've had some of those big successful butterfly events, and when I trace them back they come all the way back to a very small event that I did on a on a day where I really didn't think that the work I was doing that day was going to have such a big event in my future.

And so now I try to bring that energy of expectation into the work that I'm doing today.

Because I know that there's going to be a lot of people watching this tutorial and I hope it makes a difference for many of you!

Anyway this is only the next step in my ongoing journey.

Be sure to subscribe to the channel, hit the thumbs up, and join the 7-day trial to get the blueprint and see if it works for you.

Stay safe, and here's to your success.

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