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How I'm Turning Free Content Into Passive Income

Hello and welcome back to another behind-the-scenes report. Today is June the 26th and I'm going to talk about what I did in June and what I plan to do in July.

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This isn't a tutorial but more just following along the do-and-show business plan where I'm doing this because I believe it's going to grow into some revenue for me, and I'm showing the approach because I believe it will work for you.

00:00 ai business plans
00:29 Project Goals
00:58 Upcoming Tutorials
01:59 Review of June
02:34 SEO Insights
03:02 Perplexity SEO Results
03:33 Clicks Reports
04:04 Search Performance
04:37 Medium Earnings
05:07 LinkedIn Automation
05:40 YouTube Strategy Results
07:19 Twitter Strategies
08:24 Twitter and Medium Earnings
09:31 July Automations Roadmap

I want to go over the behind-the-scenes of

  • my Beehiiv website,

  • my SEO results.

  • my LinkedIn data and

  • my YouTube data, which is pretty cool.

  • I want to go over the Twitter strategy that I just put together

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The Plans for Next Month

The next tutorials in the pipeline that I've done the research on are

‘How to create a fully autonomous AI research agent’, and I'm really excited about that because I've got a couple of applications that I'm ready to do myself.

Then, ‘How to make 100 videos by scraping the best-selling products on Amazon’. I've got another niche that I'm going to be working with that one on and doing the example.

‘This AI finds viral tweets and then makes one for you’. 

This is another one that I'm super excited about learning to do because I've seen the structure of it, now I just want to implement it and then teach it.

I've got a couple more of them that are set up, and I've got another dozen after that because I put the AI to work to look at all my competitors' titles and what they're doing and give me some really good ideas there.

Review of June's Activities

This is the AI-BusinessPlans website, and we can see what I published here in June from June 2nd and on.

A report on what I did in May, and then there was some automated stuff here that I posted. They're really long posts with Machined AI. I've linked to them and described how I did that in the Keywords to Cash video.

Then I came up with this, I did the video on the Perplexity Pages SEO. I've got to do more work on that.

Three Steps for Making Money Starting Twitter

Now, this was important.

I did three videos in a row as I walked through the process, and I'll talk more about that because that's an exciting part about what's coming up next. I hope it transforms all of the rest of the results too.

If I go into the dashboard of my Beehiiv website, you can see I lost a couple of subscribers, got a couple back, so not a lot of great change there.

Subscriber Data

I go into the subscribers reports in Beehiiv, it pulls up some interesting data that most of my stuff is coming in from Google from the search, and I'm not getting that much.

You'll see, but also that I am getting actual subscribers from the Perplexity SEO stuff that I did, so of course, I'm going to have to do more of that for sure.

The posts report, these reports are really great because I can really dig into three people unsubscribed, which is probably pretty high for the percentage of subscribers I have, but these reports are great because it shows me where people are actually clicking through to.

People are clicking through to the AI business plans community area and which posts had the greatest engagement, so that I can go back through this and really learn from what has worked in the past.

Really great stuff.

The clicks report is great to look through as well, really instructional for me to know what people are interested in and what they're doing so that I can do more of it and bring more of that to my audience.

SEO Insights

Here's the search performance.

It's slowly growing, and if I go over the past six months, get some larger perspective, it was pretty flatlined for a while, and it's starting to get some momentum.

We'll see in a month or two if the newest content from recently comes up. If I go into the overview, it tightens down the data a little bit, and I can go into the Search Console insights here.

The performance shows that we're up 62% from the number of clicks in Google month over month, which is good.

YouTube and Content Strategy

The SEO advantages of Perplexity Pages has got its first click, and it's one of my most popular pages, and it's a really terrible thumbnail. I've got to go and change that, that's bad.

My most popular content, and this is interesting because this is some of my highest earning content on Medium as well,

How People Are Finding AI-BusinessPlans

This Perplexity Pages SEO.

I've got to do a few more posts on that and really flesh out the before and after, I tried Perplexity Pages SEO, and this is what happened for me, and do a video about that.

Some really good data to go in and pull this stuff out and add it to my AI so that I can have it help me create something that is what everybody is wanting to see.

Let's go on to my LinkedIn data from March to June. 

You can see that through June there was a little bit more activity. I'm setting up some more of those automations, so it's getting more content through.

I am taking the time to use the YouTube script processor to take the script from my YouTube videos and turn them into blog posts on the website.

Each of these are a YouTube video that turns into a blog post onto the website, and then I take that blog post and put it over onto Medium, and then I'm making a Twitter thread about it and tweeting that out.

Exciting Developments and Future Plans

So, there's layers of work going into that, but it's making me get more stuff out to LinkedIn as well.

This is really fantastic to see more coming on there.

Now, I'm really excited about what's going on with YouTube because the steady videos have done some good, but a couple of them really got picked up by the suggested video by YouTube.

They didn't really get a great clickthrough on the thumbnail, and the watch time in that first critical minute really dropped off in the first 10 seconds, 15 seconds.

So, I've got to work on my intro and maybe the quality of the video, but I don't know, we'll see.

I really like how this has really improved and how we've come up so much in the number of subscribers over the last 30 days.

Dramatic Improvement After Keyword Research

Another really important aspect here is I did a bunch of keyword research, and that has resulted in a bunch more traffic here.

I'll go through that, and I'll share that in a different video of how I went through that keyword research, but nice to see the results picking up here as the channel is coming along.

That's great to see.

Now, the next one I want to go over is Twitter.

because Dan Coe convinced me that I should be doing Twitter, so I decided I should do it.

If I'm going to do that work, then I should set up the work so that the work is going to work for me, and the work will make me money while I'm doing something else.

Implementing Twitter Strategies

I had to decide or learn how to do Twitter properly.

I had to make the automatic twitter bot so that I'm not spending my time at it, but it's doing it automatically.

I needed to learn how to make ai tweet threads, so I put all those together into different tutorials.

Another thing I had to learn to do was to set up my follower lists so that I am commenting on people's Twitter feeds who are related to my stuff that I want to build a relationship with.

There are four different areas I need to learn about in Twitter, and I made tutorial videos for each one of those.

You can see that they are laid out here, and they are YouTube videos as well.

Videos posted to YouTube (screenshot by author)

We've got the set of three videos that are set up to teach about how to get going on Twitter properly.

Then I took those videos, created a blog post, and posted those onto my Beehiiv website.

I took those articles and republished them over onto Medium, and I republished them onto different publications.

  • So, I have I’m Starting X (twitter) From Scratch - on Write a Catalyst.

  • We have I Created a Tweet Thread Generator with ChatGPT - on Blogbytes.

  • And we have How I Automated My AI Twitter Bot - on Generative AI, where I've got 7.1k people and it's got 50 claps so far.

Maximizing Twitter and Medium Earnings

So, now I'll go through and I'll make the tweet threads to promote each of these posts because these posts can become an income stream for me.

This is the earnings that I'll be watching for on these posts over the next month as things set up here.

Republished on Medium for additional earnings (screenshot by author)

Then, my plans for Twitter are I'll take the earnings that I've made from Medium, I will go and purchase the upgraded membership on Twitter.

I'm doing the reports and I'm setting up my work so my work is working for me in the videos, the blog posts, the Medium posts, the tweet threads, the LinkedIn posts and more.

All of that content introduces my readers to my community as well.

I did to set it up to make the Twitter account pay for itself.

Then, I will get more aggressive at doing things on Twitter because I'll be using an AI to find the viral tweets and then to make one for me.

I will create a Twitter lead magnet bot because I've been watching a real pro on Twitter who has his tweets set up so that if you like and reply, he will automatically send you a report, and that's what I'm going to set up for us.

Turn Free Content Into Passive Income

When all is said and done, this is the purpose for all of it, to create this free content so that it will turn into a revenue stream for me.

There are different butterfly effects of setting up this free content that other people will connect up.

The potential is here because we've got the referral program for my training center. So, if you refer anybody to become a member of our training center and to grab our tutorials, you get a 60% referral fee for anybody you refer.


There you have it, that wraps it up for this report for June 2024 and what's in the planning stages for next month.

Very excited about it.

  1. we looked inside the Beehiiv website,

  2. we looked at the SEO results for now,

  3. we looked at LinkedIn,

  4. we saw YouTube,

  5. we saw the Twitter followers,

  6. we saw the strategy and the setup and

  7. we saw the plans for making money out of that so that the work I'm doing actually pays for everything.

Next month, we're going to create a bunch of these different tutorials.

I'm super excited about these ones,

But if there's something that you would like to see in the next tutorials in the pipeline, let me know in our Discord.

That would be awesome.

I would love to build something that would be a practical application for you. Thanks again for being here everyone.

Stay safe and here's to your success.

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